How To Send a Message to 100+ Contacts on WhatsApp in Single Click

When a festival comes, everyone wants to send wishes and picture messages to their WhatsApp contacts. But, WhatsApp has a limitation of sending a message to maximum 5 persons in 1 time. So, we are writing a method that helps How To Send a Message to 100+ Contacts on WhatsApp in Single Click. There is no need of third-party application and you can do it yourself by original WhatsApp.


What is WhatsApp Message Sending Limit

After getting many fake news and alerts, the WhatsApp team has applied a limitation on sending a single message to maximum 5 persons at 1 time. So, you can send a photo or video to 5 friends only and if you want to send to more friends, you need to send again it. This limit was applied in India first and now it is the same in various countries.

How To Send a Video/Photo to More than 5 Friends on WhatsApp

In this tutorial, I am sharing all the solutions to our user’s queries we received in our WhatsApp group. So, please read the article carefully and get this amazing trick here:

Is There Any Need of Third-Party App

No! There is no need for any third-party application. You can do this amazing trick with the official WhatsApp application. This is very simple and easy to do the complete task.

How To Send A WhatsApp Message to 100+ Contacts

1. Please open your official WhatsApp application on your Android or iPhone.

2. Look at the top right corner on your WhatsApp home screen. You have three dost here called ‘menu’.


3. Please tap on this menu and select ‘New Broadcast’ from the list.

4. Now, select your friends to whom you want to share your messages/photos/videos in future in a single click. Select them from the list.


5. Proceed to next.

6. Give this list a name like ‘College Friends’, ‘Family’, ‘Business Friends’ or you can create multiple lists by doing the same steps.


7. Now, go to the main list and send photos or videos or any type of attachment to this list. The same attachment will be delivered to all list members in a single click.



Now, you can send anything in the created list called ‘Broadcast‘. You can create multiple broadcasts according to your needs and rename it to understand the members inside the list.


Remember: Please take care of 1 thing only in this method, your message or content will be delivered to all those contacts who have saved your contact also. It means both of you must have each others number saved otherwise the content will not be delivered.


You can check by going inside the broadcast and select a message and click on ‘info’ button to check who received the message. You will see the same information as shown in a personal message.

Last Words on How To Remove WhatsApp Message Limit to 5 Chats Only

There is no need for hacking or anything like that to break the limit of 5 chats only. After this method, you can send wish messages on the festival to all of your contacts in a single click.

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