DevOps services – primary components and technological peculiarities

DevOps services comprise a set of philosophies and practices to ensure continuous product delivery and seamless communication between development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) teams. In this post, we will discuss how IT agencies use DevOps practices and deal with challenges along the way on the example of the experienced software engineering company PNN Soft. 

PNN Soft has more than 20 years of experience in creating programming products of different complexity. So, how does the company reap DevOps benefits to strengthen integration between professionals? First, by emphasising the realisation of key DevOps aspects. And second, by applying AI and ML in DevOps for more promising results.

Key DevOps components to make a significant cultural shift in the company

  1. Automation and CI/CD – Continuous integration and continuous delivery. CI and CD allow for reliable, prompt and constant updates. Automation is crucial for code deployment, integration and testing. 

  2. Culture and collaboration. One of the main aims is to shape a culture of smooth interaction and shared responsibility of development and deployment teams. 

  3. Feedback loops. DevOps prioritises continuous feedback at different iterations of the development process and quick responses to clients’ feedback or market demands.

  4. Continuous monitoring and logging. These processes ensure prompt problem identification and coming up with corresponding solutions. 

  5. QA – Quality assurance. DevOps thoroughly monitor products before production to guarantee that every component operates exactly as planned. 

How can IT agencies apply Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to DevOps?

  1. For predictive analytics. ML- and AI-based tools assist in identifying issues before they impact the whole system, which helps you acquire more efficient operations. 

  2. For improved automation. PNN Soft specialists apply Artificial Intelligence for better decision-making. By using insights derived from data, they optimise the testing process and adjust workflows automatically. 

  3. For strengthened security. AI and ML are also helpful for detecting existing cyber threats and predicting future system shortcomings. Another DevSecOps priority is to obtain compliance with current standards and policies. 

  4. For advanced resource management. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work in tandem to predict the most beneficial resource allocation, which leads to significant cost savings. 

  5. For refined User Experiences. DevOps Outsourcing at PNN Soft includes creating more engaging, convenient and user-centric interfaces. AI and ML are actively implemented to gain insights into user behaviour.  

DevOps consulting services. Which ones would be the most valuable for your company?

Finally, we share a brief overview of the most popular DevOps services to help you define your current needs and formulate project requests for future collaboration.


  1. Assessment and planning. After attentively analysing your current infrastructure, DevOps specialists map out areas for further enhancements. They will also provide your engineers with a comprehensive roadmap for DevOps implementation or may also help with that if needed. 

  2. Infrastructure automation. If you aim to achieve more prompt deployments without sacrificing the solutions’ quality, consider using infrastructure-as-code solutions. Infrastructure-as-code and automation instruments provide a solid basis for configuring and managing infrastructure resources. 

  3. Integration and delivery. DevOps also encompasses tools for CI/CD pipeline implementation. As a result, you will attain faster yet effective releases. 

  4. Real-time monitoring. As was mentioned before, real-time insights are essential for dealing with your system’s acute issues. Thus, ML and AI will foster proactive troubleshooting at different project scales. 

  5. Security and compliance. Ensuring vulnerable data protection is at the core of each and every trustworthy solution. DevOps practices contribute to reinforcing security and cyber threat mitigation.

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