How To Create a Professional Video Course in 5 Simple Steps

These days, online, video-based courses are all the rage. Building an online course can take a lot of work initially, but after you’re done, it can be a great source of passive income.

How, though, do you get started when creating an online course? Here are some of the steps you should be taking to create the best video course as easily as possible.

1. Take Time to Plan Before Diving In

As much as you want to just jump into creating the course, it’s wiser to take the time to sit down and devise a plan.

Not only are you going to want to decide what video course you’re going to create, but you’re also going to want to decide all the logistics. Will it be a filmed video or animated? Are you going to teach with just audio, or will you provide pictures, text, and other examples? These are some of the things to consider before getting started.

In the end, taking time to plan before you start can save you a ton of time and confusion once you actually begin creating the course.

2. Write a Script

Sometimes we think we know what to say. However, when the time comes, we may find ourselves tongue-tied. Others might find themselves spewing information left and right, in a disorganized manner. Some of that information may be poorly presented or even incorrect.

Writing a script can save you from saying too little, saying too much, or even saying the wrong thing.

3. Create Your Videos

Once the plan and script are in place, it’s finally time to create your videos. If you’re doing animated videos, you’ll want to find a comfortable, quiet place to create. If you’re going to be recording, you may consider professional video production Brisbane to help you record high-quality videos.

4. Edit Your Videos

After your videos have been recorded or digitized, the next step is to edit them. This may mean cutting out parts of the video you don’t like, adding voiceovers or soft music, using transitions, or adding text or visuals on the screen.

If you struggle with editing videos or hate the idea of it, a professional video editing company can do this for you.

5. Always Rewatch Your Videos Before Posting

Even when you think the work is said and done, you might find an error somewhere in your course. As aggravating as it can be, you simply must take a deep breath and have it fixed.

It’s better to spot a mistake in one of your videos before you post it rather than find that error much later down the road. If you truly want people to enjoy your course and get the most out of it, you’re certainly not going to want a mistake to get in the way.


Online courses are great, and video courses are even better attention-span-wise. If you want to jump on the video course trend, you, too, can easily create your own course as soon as today. The latter steps will help guide you on your journey from start to finish.

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