Standard Files You Can Convert To PDF And Their Advantages

With the globalization of technology like personal computers, laptops, notebooks, and the like, people are starting to shift towards the use of these devices in their work, school, or own purposes. Files and documents especially are most used for these purposes.

There are a lot of advantages to converting your documents into PDF format. And in doing so there comes a lot of benefits. Knowing what files and the benefits that come with converting these files can sure make your use of technology a lot more efficient. So here are standard documents that you can turn into PDF format and their advantages.

Word Documents

Word documents are files that you make or open using Microsoft Word (Microsoft devices) or word application (apple devices). People commonly use these files for article writing, essay assignments, thesis making, etc. Word documents have filenames that end with “.docx.”

Converting word documents into PDF format is very efficient because word format files, when opened in a different or more advanced version of Microsoft word most of the time, does not keep its original formatting. It shows that when confronted with opening it on a different version of Word, you would have to do the proper formatting over again.

It is easy to convert word documents into PDF, or PDF to Word online. You may do so through PDFbear’s site. PDFbear is an online website that lets you convert Word and many other documents into PDF format and vice versa. We suggest you use this website in converting your Word and other files into PDF format. 

Powerpoint Documents

Powerpoint documents are files that you make or open using Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft devices) or PowerPoint application (apple devices). People commonly use these files for business presentations, slideshows, class presentations, etc. Powerpoint documents have filenames that end with “.ppt.”

Converting PowerPoint documents into PDF format is very efficient because it is much more compressed than the standard ppt for PowerPoint documents. It means that it has a smaller size and can quickly be sent through emails since emails have limited capacities for the files it can carry. Plus, it does not sacrifice the document’s quality when compressing.

Another advantage of doing so is that PDF format is considered the “universal format” for documents. When opened using other applications, it maintains its layout, font, and other necessary formatting used when making the PowerPoint presentation. Converting ppt into PDF, therefore, is very efficient when you are using different devices for your files.

JPG or JPEG Files

Most of the pictures you take using your phones and other devices are saved as JPG or JPEG files. Whether they are for academic, business, personal, or any other purpose, pictures are essential today. Therefore knowing how to use them efficiently is necessary for us to maximize their full potential.

Converting JPG or JPEG files into PDF is one way to maximize the efficiency of your photos. Like PowerPoint files, Converting JPG or JPEG files into PDF format compresses them and makes them have smaller sizes without sacrificing their quality. The PDF format does not compromise the pixelation of the image and keeps its overall appearance.

This advantage of conversion comes into play, especially when printing images. When printing images, you want to maintain the quality of these pictures in the printed product. Printing in PDF format helps do so because it keeps the image’s overall quality. Also, downloading your images saved online in PDF format does not alter its overall condition.

Excel To PDF

Are you trying to find a tool that can send your Excel files easier? IF yes, then using PDFBear’s Excel to PDF feature is the best option or tool you can ever find on the internet. PDFBear’s Excel to PDF converter feature has a very high-quality conversion output that you will surely love to use.

You can also ensure that all of your important files or information are safe when you use PDFBear since they will delete or remove all of the information that you uploaded. This feature is unique and essential, especially if you are handling the financial records of your company. So try it now, and don’t waste your time on using other converter tools.


Life is full of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore to win in life, you have to avoid and or solve the problems and take the benefits. Experts often say to start with the little things before you can do the big things; therefore, we suggest taking advantage of converting your regular files into PDF format.

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