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About GeekyArea

GeekyArea is an online internet directory and technology website for tech geeks that provides all the latest news updates about smartphones (Android and iOS), Windows, emerging technology and much more. We focus on bridging the gap between users and technology & gadgets through our articles. We aim to make the technology more informative and easy to understand.

GeekyArea Team members are trying to deliver the content in a simple and explained manner. We provide Tips and Tricks, Top List, How-To’s, and Hacking Guides related to trending topics of the industry. We are covering various topics that are as follows:

  1. Android Tricks
    • Application Reviews
    • New Android Updates
  2. Apple Tricks and Hacks
  3. Windows Hacks
  4. Social Media
    • Facebook Tricks
    • WhatsApp Tricks
    • Instagram Tricks
    • YouTube Tricks
  5. How-To Guides
  6. and much more…

At GeekyArea you will get all the verified tricks and hacks tested by GeekyArea team members. All articles are written in simple language so that anyone can understand and opt for the same easily.

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Behind GeekyArea

My name is Anjali Chaudhary, and I am the mind behind GeekyArea. I am working at IBM India Private Limited as an Application Developer since September 2017.  I have also attended Google App Summit 2018 organized by Google at Bengaluru, India.

I love surfing the web in search of different exciting things & write about tech gadgets, and that’s the reason I have started blogging for learning and sharing. I have started blogging in the year 2018 by writing on my brother’s (Shani Deshwal) blog, i.e., HowToCrazy. There I wrote about 100+ articles on various topics and served over 1 million visitors who get solved their queries through the blog. So I decided to start my blog, and I will give my best by serving powerful and strong content through GeekyArea.

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About GeekyArea Team

We have a small but strong team of tech geeks at GeekyArea.

 Anjali Chaudhary

Anjali Chaudhary is the mind-behind the GeekyArea who started this blog in Dec, 2017.

Anjali Chaudhary is a 23-year old tech enthusiast girl and working at IBM INDIA private limited as an Application Developer. She likes to write about tech gadgets, mobile applications, and how-to guides.

Chetan Biradar is 20 yr old tech geek based on Karnataka and studying in BCA. He is managing website content related to Android and Windows. He has expertise in mobile roots and hacks.

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Akhand Pratap Singh is a 21 yr old tech geek based on Lucknow and studying in BCA 5th Semester. He is writing on various topics like Android hacks, offers & deals, tricks, and social media tips.

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