6 Things That You Can Do With Your File When Using PDFBear

Tired of trying to find the right PDF converter tool online, then here is the PDFBear converter tool that you can use easily without paying anything. What more can you ask? But first, here are the things that you can do with your file when using PDFBear.

PDF to Word

There are a lot of PDF converter to Word that you can find anywhere on the internet right now, but the best converter you can use if you don’t want to have any problems with your files and data is the PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter tool. They have the most sophisticated interface where you can easily convert your PDF file to Word in just minutes.

PDF to Excel

If you are working with numbers most of the day, then PDFBear’s PDF to Excel is the perfect feature you should use to convert your PDF files into Excel without compromising the critical information on your file. This feature is also handy, especially if you receive an email with an attached PDF file composed of numbers, you can view every detail.


Nobody wants their favorite picture to be ruined; that’s why you should check PDFBear’s PDF to JPG converter feature. All you need to do is pick what PDF file you want to convert, and PDFBear will automatically convert your PDF file to JPG in no time. Fast and reliable, that’s their motto to their customers. You don’t need to use other converter tools out there.


Are you frequently exchanging presentations and reports with your co-workers? If Yes, the best thing to do is use PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter tool. In this way, you can quickly transfer any report or presentation much faster while maintaining the quality of the file. You don’t need to panic about having extensive reports since PDFBear got your back.

To use PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter tool, all you need to do is click or select the exact PDF file that you want to convert, and PDFBear will upload your PDF file automatically. Then, click convert so that the system will convert your PDF file in an instant. After the conversion, you will have an option to either download or share your data with your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Protect PDF

Are you afraid that your files will be stolen from you? If yes, then you should try PDFBear’s Protect PDF feature. From its name alone, you can protect your PDF file by putting a password or a code to your data. This feature is beneficial, especially for those handling essential data or records that they don’t want it to be lost.

To do this, click on select files, or you can drag and drop your file. PDFBear will upload your PDF file, and you can now type your password or code on the system, after typing your password, you can now click Encrypt PDF so that the process will start right away and your file is ready for download. PDFBear will eventually delete all records about your data.

Unlock PDF

If you can add a password into your file, you can remove it using PDFBear’s Unlock PDF. It’s just effortless, like putting a password, drag or drop the file that you want to unlock and enter your password. After entering your password, your file will automatically be opened, and the system will decrypt your file so that it’ll be ready for download.


You can execute so many things with your file using the PDFBear converter tool, and some of its features are the ones above. As long as you use PDFBear’s features for your PDF file, you will not have any problems with your data.

You can also check PDFBear’s other unique features that were not mentioned here like Repair PDF, which you can try and save your corrupted or damaged PDF file. If you want to combine your PDF file, then you can check Merge PDF, you can select any page or file from your PDF file and transfer or combine it to other PDF files.

PDFBear has every feature that you need for your PDF file, so next time if you have a job or work to do on your PDF files, don’t waste your time anymore and choose PDFBear. They provide the highest quality of output compared to other PDF converters that you can find online right now.

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