Immigration Rules to Remember when Moving to the UK

As new information about the new Immigration Rules becomes available, it will be posted on this website. Individuals from the European Union (EU) are not free to move and there are new regulations for people in the EU. People from Ireland can easily reside, enter and work remotely in the UK. 

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The process of obtaining a visa

  • To make applications work, live, and learn in the United Kingdom, new immigration routes have been opened.
  • The visa application process can easily be completed online
  • You will be asked to enter your biometric information when applying.

Here’s how:

1. Citizens of the EU, the EEA, and Switzerland:

Most visas require a digital photo of your face taken with a smartphone app. Your fingerprint verification will not be required. 

For other routes, you will need to take your photo at the international visa application center.

2. Non-EU citizens

At the visa application centre, you will continue to provide fingerprints and photographs.

3. Staff with specialized experience

A line of competent people to be assigned a job from an authorized company sponsor is included in the points-based system. A given task must have a required skill level of RQF3 or higher (equivalent to level A). Your sponsor should be able to pay the minimum threshold and you should be able to easily communicate in English. You must obtain certifications to prove your level of English proficiency if you’re looking to apply for immigration. A standard salary limit of £ 25,600 or the travel level of your position, depending on which is higher, will be used.

If your earnings are at least £20,480, you will be able to trade your points to compensate for your salary. 

The pool of international talent

The EU, the EEA, and the Swiss people are ready to take part in the global talent program. It allows highly trained scientists and researchers to travel to the United Kingdom without being offered a job.

4. Students and graduates from all over the world

For residents of Switzerland, the EU, and EA, student visas are easily accessible. All you need is admission in a university, you need evidence of English fluency, you should have proof of funds to prove you can afford your stay.

International graduates in the United Kingdom can now apply for a new graduation visa.

5. Visiting the UK

When you visit the UK for up to 6 months, citizens of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland, as well as other non-visa countries, do not need a visa. Other immigrants would need to apply for early entry to travel to the UK for other purposes. 

Before visiting the UK as a tourist, make sure you know what is allowed under the visitor’s immigration rules.

6. Getting Hitched

If you’re looking to travel to the UK to get married to a UK citizen, you must apply for a Wedding Visitor visa. 

For the EU Settlement Scheme, the application deadline was June 30, 2021. If any of the following applies to you, you can still apply:

  • ‘You have good reason’ for not being able to apply by June 30, 2021 – for example, have been ill or been a victim of domestic violence 
  • You have a recent deadline – for example, joining a family member living in the UK on 31 December 2020

Crossing the UK border

Getting across the border

Individuals with passport chips from Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A, etc. These individuals can still use their passports to cross the border. The portals for passports are open for Swiss, EEA, and EU nations. 

From October 1st, 2021 you will not be able to utilize your Swiss, EU, and EEA ID cards unless you are previously settled under the Settlement Scheme (EU). You can also apply if you’re still waiting on a decision for your EU Settlement. If you are a Healthcare visitor, you can also still apply. Swiss nationals with a visa can also use their ID cards.

You can utilize your ID card to cross the UK border if you meet any of the above categories. This is valid till December 2025.

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