How To Edit PDFs On Your Android

Tired of using a computer to edit your PDF? Would you prefer to do the editing on the go on your smartphone?

This article can help!

Here, I’ll walk you through three ways you can edit PDFs on your smartphone. And rest assured that these methods work because I have tested them.

I’ll even share a few screenshots with you.

That said, let’s edit some PDF files. Shall we?

Spoiler alert: while there are tons of PDF Editors (online and offline), I’m somewhat a super-fan of Foxit. So that’s what I’m using in this article as an example.

3 Simple Ways To Edit Your PDFs On Your Smartphone

Google Docs

If you think editing your PDFs with Google Docs is limited to your computer, you are in for a surprise. I’ve been using Google Docs to edit PDFs on my Samsung for some months now.

Here are the steps involved:

Note: this method is somewhat limited to PDF files whose content is mainly texts.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner.
  • Mark the “Desktop site” box
  • Now, type in “”
  • Once the page loads, click the “New” button on the top left corner, just below the Drive logo.
  • Select “file upload” and upload the PDF file you’d like to edit
  • Once the upload is complete, open the file
  • Next, click on “Open with Google Docs.”

Note: Google Docs will convert the PDF file once it’s opened.

  • Now, select the “use the app” button and start your tweaks
  • Once you’re done with the editing on the app, download the file
  • As a Google Docs file, your document will automatically download as a PDF

I understand that the process above is lengthy. However, editing your PDF with Google Docs is COMPLETELY free.

Regardless, I understand your reservations about the lengthy process.

Fortunately, the other two methods below are less tasking and much more effective. Check them out!

Online PDF Editor

Like with “Google Docs,” you can edit a PDF online with a free PDF editor. However, the degree of “freemium” in the latter is limited.

Using Foxit Online PDF Editor as an example, you can only enjoy free editing for 5 days. That’s enough time to test the tool.

That said, follow the steps below to edit your PDFs for free (limited time) online:

Note: leave your browser in the desktop view.

  • Visit the URL – in the case of Foxit, the site is “”
  • Register with an account (use your Gmail to fastback the process) and activate your free trial
  • Upload the PDF you’d love to edit
  • Start editing the file – use the edit toolbar
  • Save your edited PDF to the local disk or on the cloud.

Unlike Google Docs, Online PDF Editors can edit the graphics and texts in your PDFs. And the best part: you won’t need to worry about formatting issues.

Third-party Apps

Online PDF Editors and mobile apps work with the same interface. As such, the processes are the same.

The only difference might be the free trial period of the subscription fee.

That said, follow these steps to use a third-party app to edit your PDFs on your android:

  • Visit Play Store
  • Type “Foxit PDF Editor” on the search bar
  • Download the app with the logo in the screenshot above
  • Once the app is downloaded, register your account
  • Upload your PDF file
  • Once the file loads, toggle from “Home” to “Edit” on the top bar
  • Start editing the file
  • Save the file on your phone


You don’t need a computer to edit your PDF; your smartphone is enough. However, the experience might not be as smooth as on a computer. But you’ll get the job done.

So, try any of the methods explained in this article. You’ll find that editing PDFs on mobile can be fun.

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