Revolutionizing Advertisements using Header Bidding and Ad Networks


Advertising and Marketing play an essential role in determining the success of any enterprise. A correct advertising strategy must be followed to ensure the proper growth of any company. In the advent of the digital age, generic marketing strategies are somewhat non-existent, instead, digital marketing has displayed exponential growth over the past decade.

Among them, Heading bidding and Ad Networks have become quintessential in generating suitable ad revenue. This is a flourishing technology that has taken over the digital marketing landscape. In case you are looking forward to a good digital marketing campaign, you should have essential knowledge about Header Bidding and Ad Networks.

You have come to the right place since we are going to share everything you need to know about them and how you can use them for your ad revenue generation.

What is Header Bidding?

So, what is Header Bidding is what you might be wondering. Well, Header bidding is one of the popular techniques in the marketing world which allows anyone who wishes to publish adverts, to bid on multiple advertising exchanges effortlessly and instantly.

Header bidding is likewise in some cases alluded to as advance bidding or pre-bidding and offers distributors an approach to all the while offering advertisement space out to various SSPs or Ad Exchanges without a moment’s delay

Header bidding is a way for distributors to have a synchronous closeout from every one of the bidders, rather than the successive methodology that Google employs.

By putting some javascript on their site, when a specific page is stacked, it contacts generally upheld SSPs or advertisement trades for offers before its promotion server’s direct-sold stock is called.

Distributors can even decide to permit the triumphant bid to contend with estimating from the immediate deals.

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What are Ad Networks?

Now that you know what Header Bidding is, you might be curious about Ad Networks as well. Ad Networks are in essence complementary to Header Bidding.

These are networks of private companies which help connect advertisers to potential websites that would host their advertisements.

This can be compared in a similar field as header bidding since the integration of ad networks and header bidding gives publishers an array of options when trying to generate ad revenue.

Ad networks total ad inventories from supply sources and match them with request sources searching for ad spaces. The inventory sources in a portable ad network regularly establish applications from distributors and application designers.

Request sources are made up of advertisers hoping to put their ad in another application. Numerous portable ad networks support a wide range of various organizations, from standards to local ads, while others are centered around explicit configurations, which can include video adverts as well.

Why are they important? 

So, after knowing about those systems, you might be curious about their importance. In the world of digital marketing, Header Bidding and Ad Networks play a crucial role not only for small-scale websites but also for big platforms.

They bring a lot of benefits to the publisher as well as the advertisement providers making it a win-win for both the involved parties. They help in :

  • Revenue Generation.
  • Traffic Generation.
  • Acquisition of Affordable Advertisements.
  • Monetization of platforms.

What are the main types of Ad Networks?

Since you know how they work, you must know about the segregation in these Ad Networks. All Ad Networks aren’t the same and are divided into the following categories:

  • Exclusive Ad Networks:

Offer the stock from well-known and renowned distributors.

  • Vertical Ad Networks:

Topic-explicit networks which provide only niche exclusive adverts for example business advert organization, innovation advertising organization, car advertising organization, style advertising organization, and so on

  • Concentrated or Inventory-Specific Ad Networks:

Focuses on a particular sort of stock, out of all the available options.

  • Execution and Affiliate Ad Networks:

Typically utilizing the income offer, CPC, or CPA estimating model to provide adverts of similar type.

Benefits of using Header Bidding

Header Bidding gives a way to introduce your ad stock to various Ad Exchanges, Networks, and SSPs. Each request source accompanies its assortment of purchasers. Expanding the openness of your stock in this manner can assist push with increasing CPM rates in various ways:

  • More purchasers imply more opportunity to coordinate with an impression with a high bid:

Buyers will pay more to target clients who resemble their optimal clients. More purchasers increment the opportunity to coordinate with a purchaser to a client and secure those higher offers.

  • Better possibility of a remarketing treat match:

The most elevated CPMs are frequently held for the clients already known to the purchasers/advertisers. Working with more interesting sources implies more shots at getting such a match.

  • More sale tension all through the meeting:

As clients see all the more ad impressions, high bidders will come to their per-client recurrence covers and quit bidding. Presenting your stock to more purchasers guarantees that higher offers are gotten for each impression, in addition to the first served in every meeting.

  • Expanded fill rates:

Exposure to more advertisers builds the odds of getting an offer on each impression. This pushes up fill rates and eCPMs as well.

Benefits of using Ad Networks

  • Easier to find potential advertisers:

Ad Networks consist of various organizations making it much easier for anyone to find a potential advertising service.

  • The monetization process is simpler:

It is super easy to start monetization on your platform through Ad Revenue if you have acquired advertisements through And Networks.

  • Substantially Growth in potential clientele:

Ad Networks help expose advertisers as well as publishers to a much wider audience in comparison to other marketing strategies.

  • Easier to access for anyone:

No such expert skill is required to acquire proper advertising through Ad Networks and is the best monetization companion for small-scale startups.

Final Verdict

Header Bidding and Ad Networks are both quintessential for any organization as well as publishers to expand their platform and grow their organization. It is one of the best methods to reach a wider audience and receive proper Ad Revenue and traffic to their platforms.

This has now turned into a lucrative business strategy and you too should try it out if you are planning on monetizing any platform or are in search of affordable publishers for your advertisements.

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