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Hi, today I am going to share a very useful website with you. We know Android phones are now popular and 70% of the population is using smartphones. So, we don’t require any desktop or laptop for some office work at traveling time or at home. We can do almost work on a mobile phone. But, some users don’t know how to edit pdf files online or offline. So, there is a list of top pdf editor software for Windows and Mac.

how-to-edit-pdf-fileWhat is ‘Edit Pdf File Online’

Sometimes, we get a pdf file from social media or website and then we try/need to edit pdf to add/remove some information. Also, we want to add our own logo instead of the existing logo (we get requests to do so). So, if you want to edit any pdf online, this article is useful to you.

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How To Edit PDF File Online

There are various methods to edit a pdf file and you can do it online as well as offline. But, sometimes, it makes us irritate when it loads pdf file again and again. So, we recommend you to try the offline version also. Some of the popular pdf file converters are available for offline use. If you have a password on your pdf file, read this tutorial to unlock pdf online.

Steps to Edit a PDF File Online or Offline

  1. Open the website:

pdf-edit-online-sejda-free-tool2. You will get a lot of features and options to do with your document. You can choose any option that you want to do with your file like split/edit/crop or whatever you need for the same.

3. All the options and features are as follows in the picture:


4. Now, select pdf editor as shown in the above picture or open the direct link here:

5. On the next screen, you will get a file upload box and you need to upload your pdf file there.30mb-40mb-50mb-100-pages-200-pages-unlimited-size-pdf-edit-online

6. After uploading the file, it will take a few seconds to read your pdf document it will load some free tools with your document as shown here:


7. Now, you can add/edit/delete content on/from the pdf file. For example, if you want to add a link on your file, just click on ‘add link’ and tap on the file and add your link there (see image below)


8. You can delete the task you do with the help of ‘delete link’ as shown in the above picture.

9. After editing all things, you need to click on ‘Apply Changes’ and it will prepare your edited pdf file. You can download them with the help of the ‘download’ button.


10. You can also share the edited/updated pdf file on Facebook, Twitter also. You can directly upload the file on DropBox or Google drive with a single click feature.

Features of Sejda PDF Editor Online Tool

    1. You can edit a pdf file of up to 50 MB.
    2. You can edit a pdf file with up to 200 pages.
    3. You can do 3 tasks per hour without any
    4. You don’t need to register yourself on the website to edit a pdf
    5. You can share your updated/edited file on social
    6. You can also store your edited/updated file on DropBox or Google Drive.

PDF Editor Windows – PDF Editor Freeware

There are 100+ PDF editors for windows but we are sharing some recommended software for windows users. Please download any of the PDF editor software:


Last Words on How To Edit a PDF File Online is a popular and easy to use the website and an online tool to edit pdf file without hassle. Here, you don’t need to register and it is totally free for personal use. If you want anything wrong with the tool, don’t forget to write in the comment box. We will find the solution for you asap.

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