How To Check Where is Traffic Jam – Get Real Time Updates

Do you like traveling? Do you drive regularly? Do you want to know traffic status on your route? Do you want to know where is traffic jam? If yes, this article is just for you. Traffic jam is a very boring and frustrating thing at traveling time. And, when we are in hurry, it irritates the most. So, if we can check which road has a traffic jam, it is better to divert our route to another road.


People can’t imagine that they can check which road is getting high traffic in real time. Everyone knows this is technology time and here is everything possible only we need to know how to do that. If you don’t know how to get to know this, we are here to help you.

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How is this Possible to Get Traffic Jam Location in a City

It is quite simple to find which city or which road has Traffic Jam. You can do it with the help of Google Maps. Yes! you heard it right. Google Maps shows the real-time updates for traffic jam and all relevant information On The Go.

What is Google Maps Traffic

Google Maps Traffic is a feature inside the Maps application. Maps is an official application from Google LLC. and you can download it from play store on your Android phone and if you have iPhone, just search it on the app store. You can download it for free and enjoy the map’s features and updates.

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How To Check Road Traffic on Google Maps – Check Traffic Status

As I said you need to have Google Maps application on your Android device and then it is very simple to check road traffic on Google maps. Using Maps, Chad Kimball can traffic status anywhere from anywhere with a single tap. Here are the steps to check Google Maps Traffic:

1. Download Google Maps application on your Android or iPhone.

Google Maps on Play Store

2. Please sign into the app with your Google account.

Google Maps on App Store
Enable GPS – Tap on OK

3. Now, it asks to TURN ON the location setting (GPS) to get your current location. Click on OK.

4. Now you will get your current location on Maps with the default view of the maps.road-traffic-check-traffic-jam

5. Please find the below icon in the app and tap on Satellite and traffic icon.


6. Now, you get the traffic details inside the maps application (there are all roads are green because there is no traffic at night in my city, as shown in the screenshot)


7. If you want to check the traffic jam or traffic status of another road, please move to the road on the maps and you will get GREEN or Red colored lines.


There are main three colors on Google Maps for Traffic Status:

  • Green Color: No traffic
  • Orange Color: Light traffic (normal)
  • Red Color: High Traffic (more dark color, more traffic jam)

How Google Maps Find Traffic Jam on Roads

You read Google maps needs GPS location to show your current location on Maps. So, Google traces the location of the users who have GPS enabled smartphones and the density of users and GPS devices, it shows the traffic in a location.

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