Top 10 Android Security Apps for Your Android Mobile Phone

10 Best Android Security Apps You Should Install Today. Do you have an android mobile and device? If yes, then this article for you. Hello, my dear friend and readers! I am back with the new cognitive article.


Top 10 Android Security Apps for Android Mobile

As day-to-day life is being hectic and we are beset with a lot of responsibilities so in this busy life, we need technology to make our life easier and effective. Mobile technology is part of the technical world which is sort of dear one to us these days because mobiles know a lot about us rather than our loved ones.

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Technology is increasing rapidly and we are in the habit of keeping all detail in it. We carry it all the time and save the information into this. Be it is personnel or professional. So the mobile should be secured lest I should get stolen and we should lose it.

I have come up with some android applications, which keep your mobile secured.
Let’s have a look one by one.

1. Android Device Manager

If you have ever lost your mobile then you know the importance of the data saved. This application helps to locate your mobile and has remote access to your mobile. Yes, the android device manager locates your mobile connection with your Google account.


By which you can reset your device screen lock pin and wipe out all the data from the mobile. The android device manager application is a product of Google so it is splendid.

2. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo is a privacy browser wherein you search your quarry to get outcomes of your searches.


It doesn’t share your searches which are not offensive in the eye of government like funny video, financial quarry, technical stuff, information related to college and school subjects and so on. This browser doesn’t collect your searches.

3. NoRoot Firewall

NoRoot firewall application is a proctor to the information sending on the Internet.


These days, millions of data are sent across the internet so security is the main issue. So this application protects your data over the internet. Once you open your internet it notifies you on your mobile. All you need to do is to either allow or deny.

4. 360 Security Antivirus

360-security antivirus is used to protect your android device from threats and viruses. Threats can thieve your data and virus can destroy your data and slow down your mobile.


This application will keep your mobile safe and sound you can boost your mobile by cleaning the memory and find viruses.

5. F-Secure App Permission

There are so many applications on the Google play store and when you download and install them. They access your data by getting granted permission from you while accepting the terms and conditions during the installation process.


So to manage the permissions properly and to keep your data safe and sound from getting stolen by some illegal applications then this application is the best to manage your data stay clear of the king of applications.

6. Avast Mobile Security & Anti-Theft

This is a well-know antivirus. Most of us are no stranger to its desktop version. Now it is for android users on play store. We can use it with the same features.


It protects your android device from malicious viruses and spam applications, which can steal your data from your mobile.

Anti-theft is another feature, which can track down your android device. This is well equipped.

7. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos


This is a really helpful application. Vault-Hide keeps your pictures, contacts, videos, and SMS privet. You can hush up your pictures, contacts, videos, and SMS from others who are in the habit of looking into your android device.

If you want to access your stored files then you need to go vault with your password and open up.

8. Message Lock (SMS Lock)

The Message lock is a light weighted tool. By which you can protect your short SMS and MMS.

When you enable this one it locks on your android smartphone. There is lock pattern protection on message application. It provides full protection.

9. AFWall+

There is another firewall application to protect your android devices. This allows users to restrict and permit applicationS to access data networks from 2G,3G, and 4G.

afwall+ free premium apk download

What’s more, the user can control traffic within LAN or while connected through a VPN.

10. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a well-known and popular anti-malware. It is very effective and protective it keeps your android mobile safe from malware and spam applications.


It keeps an eye on unauthorized access and surveillance. You can remove unsolicited things like spyware, Trojans, and so on through this.

Some few words with readers

I have told you about the 10 best security applications, which are helpful for android devices. You can use them accordingly. And I am sharing my experience with you if you are adding on something by reading the articles so comment.

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