Netflix Customer Contact Numbers – Netflix Toll Free Phone Numbers

Do you have any issues while using your Netflix Account? Do you want to reach out to the Netflix team? Netflix is one of the best companies that solve their customer’s problems instantly. So, if you don’t know the Netflix customer care numbers, and want to contact them then today we are sharing with you a complete list of Netflix customer support contact numbers.

These numbers will help you to resolve your queries. In this article, we will share phone numbers specific to different countries, live chat options, and help page info where you can ask your all queries.


How to Contact with Netflix Customer Care Service

If you have any urgent query or complex issue then you must have a calling option to contact Netflix customer care service to get a fast response. So, here is the list of phone numbers on which you can reach out to Netflix customer care service.

Netflix Customer Support Numbers For U.S Users –

  • For Existing Customers
    • Dial 1-800-585-7265 from your phone.
    • Please sign-in and click on the Help Center column in your account and then select ‘Call Us‘.
  • For New Customers
    • 1-866-579-7172

Netflix Customer Care Numbers List for Non – U.S Users

If you are living outside the U.S, then you can find your suitable country from the list given below and dial the respective number.

  • The United Kingdom
    • Call 0870 0421126
    • Toll-Free Number 0800 096 6379
  • Canada
    • Dial 1 888 811 9842 (24 Hours in English)
    • Dial 1 888 811 6619 (24 Hours in French)
  • Australia – Dial 1800 071 578
  • Mexico – 01 800 112 4966
  • Bolivia – Dial +1 408 329 9558 (English and Spanish)
  • Brazil – Call 0 800 086 4041 (8 AM – 11 PM in Portuguese)
  • Chile – 1230 020 0199 (Spanish)
  • Colombia – 01 800 518 1933 (Spanish)
  • Costa Rica – +1 408 469 4467 (Spanish and English)
  • Guatemala – +1 408 600 1719 (Spanish or English)
  • Peru – 0 800 54979 (Spanish)
  • Uruguay – Dial +1 408 600 17 22 (Spanish and English)

Note – South American/Central American countries are available from 11 am to 8 pm Central Time unless otherwise specified.

  • Netherlands – 0800 022 9859 (10 AM to 10 PM in Dutch or English)
  • Denmark
    • 8025 1250 for service (24/7 in English)
    • 8025 1252 for service (12 PM to 8:30 PM in Dansk)
  • Finland –
    • 0800 915 561 for service (24/7 in English)
    • 0800 915 563 for service (11 AM to 7:30 PM in Finnish)
  • Norway –
    • 800 69 934 for service (24/7 in English)
    • 800 69 936 for service (12 PM to 8:30 PM in Norwegian)
  • Sweden –
    • 020 79 06 35 for service (24/7 in English)
    • 020 79 06 37 for service (12 PM to 8:30 PM in Swedish)

Remember – Netflix does not have a direct phone call facility in every region. If you are looking to change your Netflix region this is a great resource. So, if you want to talk with customer care in that region, then you can use the mobile app on iOS or Android phones to contact them.

Contact Netflix Support on Social Media

It is another option to contact the Netflix support team on social media. You can reach out to the Netflix team on Facebook and Twitter also. You can share a post or do a tweet by tagging them and ask your query. Netflix always tries to reply to you as soon as possible. Here is the link to both social pages –

Netflix on Facebook 

Netflix on Twitter

Find Your Solution in FAQs on Help Page

You can find a number of general and frequently asked queries and their solutions on the Netflix Help Page.  So, if you are having a basic query then I am sure that you will get your solution there. We will recommend you to first try this method to find an instant solution to your problem.

Ending the Netflix Article

I hope in this article you have found a suitable way to get customer support for Netflix. So guys if you have liked this post then please share it with your friends and don’t forget to like our Facebook page. In case of any other issues please leave a comment below.

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