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Are you looking for a reliable software company in Meerut for Digital Marketing Course? or, are you looking for a website designer or freelancer in Meerut? Wait, don’t opt for anyone or any IT company in Meerut just because of low price quotations or words. We are going to tell you some basic and necessary points that you must keep in mind for finalizing the company or freelancer.


IT Companies in Meerut – Software Company

Do you know the difference between a company or a partnership firm? If you are going to have a business website for your business or startup, you must figure out the main differences between a freelancer and a website designing company (web development company).

When you need any kind of IT Services for your business like website designing, web development, logo designing, android app development, digital marketing services, social media promotion, SEO services, event management services. You will have 3 options from where you can get your tasks done. Here the 3 resources:

  1. Registered Private Limited Compan (recommended for long-term business)
  2. Partnership Firms
  3. Freelancer

Difference Between a Registered Private Limited  Company and Partnership Firm

A registered private limited company is always reliable than a partnership firm. A private limited company must have a minimum of 2 directors while a partnership firm can have a single person. A registered Pvt. Ltd. company always works on a document basis and provides all features/supports/maintenance on letterhead that is govt approved document.

Also, a registered Pvt. Ltd. company has the following documents:

  1. CIN (Company Identification Number)
  2. TAN Number
  3. DSC – All Directors
  4. DIN Numbers
  5. GST Number and Certificate

And, a partnership firm has only 1 document that is:

  1. GST Number and Certificate

Difference Between a Freelancer and IT Company (Software Company)

A freelancer is always free to do anything and an IT company is bound to deliver services to its clients and the main reason for this is government documents and legal process. An IT company registered in the form of Private limited is liable to many rules and regulations set by the government of the country while a freelancer is always FREE to do anything.

How To Find Registered Software Company Near Me

If you are planning for a long-term project or startup, we recommend you to get in touch with a registered IT company in Meerut and Delhi NCR. Here are the best and reliable registered software company in Meerut:

TechDost Services Private Limited

TechDost is the best website designing company in Meerut. It provides the best web development service in Meerut having a professional team with many years of experience in multinational companies. All over website designers are well-versed in website design and software development.

Website Development Company in Meerut

Management skills are very important to give an effective response to the spearhead team with leadership skills. TechDost is the only one company in Meerut that works on the skills and similarly applies to clients’ project and believing in walk shoulder to shoulder to destination ambitiously. “Sharing is caring” is its catchphrase. It is out and out adamant on its words.

How To Find Freelancer Website Designer or Web Developer in Meerut

Nowadays, there are many web developers and website designers in each city but the main thing is skills and experience. So, if you are in searching for a good website designer or developer, you must know about the skills, recent work, and experience in the same field.

Here are few freelancer website designers and web developers from Meerut, Delhi NCR:

1. Amit Kumar
  • Role: Full Stack Developer (Web Designer + Developer)
  • Experience: 5+ Years
  • Skills: HTML, PHP, JS, Angular JS, CSS, Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress, API Integration
  • Residence: Jagrati Vihar, Meerut
  • Contact Number: 9045356503
  • Email ID: [email protected]
2. Jatin Kashyap
  • Role: Full Stack Developer (Web Designer + Developer)
  • Experience: 3+ Years
  • Skills: HTML, PHP, CSS, Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress, API Integration
  • Residence: Kesar Ganj, Meerut
  • Contact Number: 8791391630
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Website:
3. Mohit Rana
  • Role: Web Developer
  • Experience: 4+ Years
  • Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter
  • Residence: Rohta Road, Meerut
  • Contact Number: 9457970841
  • Email ID: [email protected]
4. Akash Thakur
  • Role: Website Designer
  • Experience: 4+ Years
  • Skills: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Angular JS
  • Residence: Hapur Road, Meerut
  • Contact Number: 8273181601
  • Email ID: [email protected]

Responsive Website Designing Company In Meerut

Responsive website designing means the king of websites that can be opened in every device and any operating system without and ado and that too faster. The kind of websites has so many ranking factors in the search engine. TechDost provides this service in Meerut.
SEO Friendly Website Designing Company In Meerut.

SEO Company in Meerut – Digital Marketing Agency

SEO(search engine optimization) friendly website designing means making websites following SEO rules and regulations so that websites can be easily ranked on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, being, ask and so on.

After making the website we need to rank this on the top SERP’s (search engine result pages) to get relevant traffic to make ROI (return on investment) for what we get websites made. So now the service is also available in Meerut.

Mobile-Friendly Website Designing Company In Meerut

Mobile-friendly website designing is very common these days because a huge population has shifted to mobile technology. After all, Mobile is easy to use and portable. That’s why websites should be mobile-friendly so that they can easily open in mobile, and mobiles user can access.

Given mobile-friendliness. TechDost always focuses on making websites mobile-friendly.
User Friendly / Easy To Use Website Designing Company In Meerut.

This is a challenge for web designers to make a-user-friendly websites. Making user-friendly websites means creating a website that can be used and overview by user and owner both.

If your web site elements are accurate and users are easily using your website without any problem and all over nursery elements are easily visible. So your website is a user-friendly website.

Why TechDost as Website Designing Company in Meerut

TechDost is the only company in Meerut providing the kind of service professionally and timely. Having experienced and educated staff. It cares about its customers and keeps updating time to time about certain changes in the market. Along with website design, TechDost has other services related to this: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), 360o virtual tour, Software development and so on like everything under one roof.

TechDost is working on some other factors like digital India in which its team makes top-notch strategies as to how to amp up business and earn ROI. TechDost has helped many people with our service and strategies made by TechDost’s strategists. “Catapult your business with TechDost”

Which Website Designing Company is Best in Meerut?

TechDost services private limited is the best website design company in Meerut that delivers static, dynamic, eCommerce website designing to all clients in Meerut, Noida, Delhi NCR, Hapur and Bijnor.

Which is Best Software Company in Meerut?

TechDost is a leading and fast-growing software company in Meerut and Delhi NCR. Billing, GST, PayRoll, Management, ERP, CRM Software are available and ready to be customized according to equirements.

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