3 Best Audio Enhancer for Rooted Android 2020

Best audio enhancer for rooted android, well there are many audio enhancers a.k.a equalizers are available for Android but still, we don’t get satisfied by the audio output.

Android doesn’t have limitations we can root and install any 3rd party mods into our device. There are many audio enhancers for rooted android but finding the best is kinda difficult. So I have listed Top 3 best audio enhancer for rooted android.

Best audio enhancer for rooted android

Wait, many apps are available on the play store which promises to improve the audio output but they just increase the volume. Many developers want to make quick money out there fake audio enhancer apps.

Basic Requirements

  1. A rooted Android (I know you have rooted)
  2. Custom Recovery installed
  3. The whole backup (in-case if something goes wrong)

3 Best Audio Enhancer for Rooted Android

1. Viper4Android (V4A)

Well, this one is my all-time favorite. This is actually an App, which takes root permission and installs the audio library into the system.

It has 3 different bass mode namely Natural bass, Pure bass+ and Subwoofer. And My favorite is Subwoofer mode (Give it a Try ;). Even there is 3 different treble mode, I personally use both these modes and I feel heaven in my mind.

There are many options like Differential surround, Reverberation, Dynamic system and many more. “Master Limiter” using this switch you can turn on and off all the effects of V4A.


  1. Download the app/apk from below and install it.
  2. Grant the root permissions.
  3. Wait for the app to Install the drivers
  4. Done :p

This app is not available on Play Store, you can search it on XDA but I have given a link below for the lazy peeps like me Viper4Android

 2. eXtremeBeats Aural Maximizer™

Using this mod we the completely new feeling while listing music. The mod increases the bass frequencies and the vocals are more clear after flashing this mod.

eXtremeBeats is a mixer of different audio libs and mods. xLoud increases the sound of both headphones and the phone speaker. SRS gives you the low-frequency bass which I love the most. PureAudio Engine gives high-quality call sound output.

This mod works on almost every android device but there are no updates for this mod as the developer has stopped working on it. You can still give it a try and report us in the comments below. Which are the best audio enhancer for rooted android you found?

This mod support from JellyBean to Android N devices and make sure you have at least 10mb space in your system. As mentioned above have a system backup if something goes wrong.


  1. Just download the zip file from below.
  2. Reboot to Recovery.
  3. Flash the zip.

Here is the Link for eXtremeBeats Aural Maximizer

3. Dolby Atmos Zip Mod

Best audio enhancer for rooted android

One of the most powerful auto equalizers, yes if you observe the Dolby app, the valves automatically move depending on the music.

Well, Dolby Atmos is in-built on my old Lenovo K3 note device, I love to listen to the music over my old Lenovo device with this Dolby. Additionally, I use V4A with Dolby which gives me the perfect audio output.


  1. Download the Dolby Zip from Below
  2. Flash the Zip
  3. Reboot and enjoy the Dolby sound effects.

You can customize the Dolby effects using the app. Here is a quick tip, as it is an auto equalizer if you want any bar/key should be constant, then touch and hold the bar and simultaneously lock the screen.

Here is the download link for downloading Dolby Atmos

Final Verdict: Best Audio Enhancer for Rooted Android

This is not an endgame for this post, I am still searching the better on these audio enhancers for rooted android devices. Apart from these, there are many apps on play store which will just boost your volume as the developer want to make some few bucks out of ads.

I still prefer the Viper4Adroid and Dolby Atmos combo on my device as it gives me the best audio output and perfect bass so I kept them in the list of best audio enhancer for rooted android.

Disclaimer: I have tested the above mention Audio enhancers on my device and they worked perfectly fine but this might not be in your case. As usual, we not responsible if something goes wrong with your devices.

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