How To Trace Vehicle Owner Name by Vehicle Number (Top Free Methods)

Recently, my brother bought a new car and I tried to find new things about the car number because he booked a fancy number from the Indian Govt website. So, I did a lot of research on the Internet related to vehicle numbers and vehicle details. So, I also find how to check the vehicle owner name for free on the Internet with the help of vehicle number only. So, today I am going to share top methods on how to Trace Vehicle Owner Name by Vehicle Number by knowing the car number or bike number only.


Disclaimer: We are sharing this information for educational purpose only. We request not to use this for any illegal activity. If you do, you may be caught in an inquiry.

What is Vehicle Number or Vehicle Registration Number

When you see any car, bike or any vehicle on the road, it must have a number plate on it. The combination of alphanumeric is known as a registration number or vehicle number. For example, we have UP 15 CU 8383 for our car. This is our vehicle registration number given by RTO. Today, you will get various methods to Trace Vehicle Owner Name by Vehicle Number.

Is it Possible to Get Details of any Vehicle with Number Plate Only

Yes! If you have the vehicle number only, you can get most of the details online about that vehicle. For this task, you must remember the vehicle number mentioned on the number plate. Some private websites and also, the Govt website provide this type of details to the customers.

How To Trace Vehicle Owner Name by Vehicle Number Only

As I mentioned above, I found a lot of methods on the Internet, so I am sharing various methods in this article according to features. I am also writing about some Android apps which do the same task and the Govt website also. I am sharing top and free methods in this article:

#1 Govt Parivahan Website (Free)

  1. Open Govt Parivahan website: vehicle-owner-name-india-car-bike-number
  2. Fill the details in the respective manner as shown in the screenshot below: how-to-know-vehicle-owner-name-india-car-bike-number
  3. Also, fill the captcha and press ‘Check Status’.
  4. It will load the data from the server and you will get a report like this: find-vehicle-owner-name-india-car-bike-number
  5. In the details, you will get the following details:
    • Registration No:
    • Registration Date:
    • Chassis No:
    • Engine No:
    • Owner Name:
    • Vehicle Class:
    • Fuel Type:
    • Maker / Model:
    • Fitness Up to:
    • Insurance Up to:
    • Fuel Norms:
    • Road Tax Paid Up to:
  6. Done! Now, you have all the details you want to get about any vehicle.

#2 Govt Vahan Portal Website (Free) & Trace Vehicle Owner Name

  1. Open the official Govt Vahan portal:
  2. Now, look at the left menu section and you will get a list of menus.
  3. Click on ‘Vehicle Status‘ as shown in the picture below: vahan-vehicle-owner-name-details-website-online
  4. Now, enter the vehicle number or registration number in the following manner: vahan-car-owner-name-mobile-number-address-number-plate-online-search
  5. Also, fill the captcha and press ‘Search vehicle’.
  6. Now, you get all vehicle details (limited) on the next page like this: how-to-find-car-owner-name-online-mobile-number-address-registration-number
  7. Done!

#3 Android App Method – mParivahan Android App (Free)

  1. Download free official Govt Android app: mparivahan-android-app-download-apk
  2. Open the app and you can log in with your mobile number and OTP.
  3. Now, you can enter any vehicle number or registration number in the search box as shown in the pic below:mparivahan-android-vehicle-owner-name-search
  4. If you search for any vehicle in the past, you will get a list here like this: search vehicle owner name by vehicle registration number
  5. You will get the details like this: vehicle owner contact details online search
  6. Done!

Remember: If you want to get the owner’s mobile number, address or email-id, you can’t get it online. It’s all about the owner’s privacy. So, don’t follow these processes for any illegal activity.

Wrapping the Article on How to Trace Vehicle Owner Name by Vehicle Number

So, I am sure about these methods and I have already used all these methods. I have a mParivahan Android app on my mobile to get any details anytime. If you have any query or get any other resource to find the details, don’t forget to mention in the comment section.

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