{Solution} Will Factory Reset Remove Virus on Android?

Recently, we published an article on how to remove RAT virus from computer and Android phone and also, we shared some malware removal tools for Android. So, after reading the article, some readers asked that is it possible to remove a virus from Android by factory reset? Today, I will write a detailed guide on will factory reset remove Virus on Android phone or not.


A virus is a common thing for Android users and Windows users. But, I will tell the secrets behind Virus and Android phone. So, if you want to know about Virus deeply, must read this article carefully.

What is a Computer Virus or Malware

A computer virus is a program written in binary code and it controls over your computer systems and connected devices as well. Like, if you have some important data inside your PC, a virus can try to steal your data and it sends that data to the person/company who developed the virus. If you think you have a virus on your computer and Android, you can remove virus and malware with these free apps.

Can A Virus Infect an Android Phone

No, Never! Android is a Linux based operating system and Linux cannot be operated by any type of virus or Malware.


In simple words, a Windows user is always afraid of virus and malware but Linux users don’t think about it. Linux operating system is 100% safe and secure and that is the reason for its popularity in big companies and organizations.

So, if you are using an Android phone, you are 100% safe and secure from the Virus and malware. But, some apps are stealing your personal data according to the latest tech updates. So, you need to worry about the apps which you are using on your Android phone.

Will Factory Reset Remove Virus from Android

So, as I said above, an Android phone doesn’t support any type of virus, you don’t need to do a factory reset your Android phone. If you do, you lose your personal data from the Android device if you don’t take backup of the device. if you want to recover lost photos and data on Android, we have written an article on our website.


In other words, if you want to know is it possible to remove the Virus by doing a factory reset? Yes! you can do it in your way and you will get a fresh mobile setting and applications inside the device. For that, you need to clean/wipe the device data with the factory reset. So, you can say that a factory reset removes Virus from Android phone easily.

Does Factory Reset Remove Viruses Android

Again, I say you don’t need to do a factory reset your android phone and you can remove junk flies and fake apps manually and it will save your personal data and apps data. You can clear your mobile device and Factory reset do remove viruses from Android phone.

Does Factory Reset Remove Malware Android

Yes! if you have some junk files and fake app’s data inside your Android phone, a factory reset removes malware from Android device. To make a factory reset, you need to go in your phone’s main setting and then find security and factory reset option. Now, you have to enter your current password and check the clean data option and start resetting your device.

How to Remove Google Virus on Android

Actually, Google is not a virus and if you think Google is a virus and you want to know how to remove Google Virus on Android, you are searching the wrong thing over the internet. But still, if you want to remove Google virus from Android phone, you can do a factory reset again.

Last Words on How To Remove Google Virus on Android – Factory Reset

I hope you got everything and I recommend you to scan your files and remove junk files and fake apps only. Your device will work nicely. You don’t need to make a factory reset. If you want to know anything else, just drop a comment below and our team will assist you.

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