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Everyone wants to be safe and also wants his family safe and secured. But sometimes, you can’t get to know where is your family members and what are they doing? But, technology is moving forward to provide a solution to most of the problems today. So, in tracking family members, technology has its own solutions and methods to do the best. Today, I am writing an article on How To Track Family Members using  Mobile Location Tracking App for Android Phone or iPhones.

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Is it Possible to Track Family Members using Phones?

Yes! It’s possible and technology helps us in this case in tracking the family members with the help of phones. When you search the same query that is ‘how to track family members or mobile phones’ on Google.com and you get thousands of results and applications which say to do the same thing for you.

But, 99.9% of apps and websites are fake from them. I tried a lot of free websites and apps to check whether it is working or not? At last, I found a trusted website and application who do the same process easily for free also.

How Is it Possible to Track Family Members for Free?

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone either it is Android or iPhone. And, each smartphone has a GPS (Global Positioning System) to provide better services inside the mobile phone.

As you know GPS is used to track the activity and location of the mobile phone. So. family members tracking is possible with the help of GPS enabled Mobile phones.

How Do They Track Family Member’s Mobile Phones Using GPS?

Everyone wants to know how a company or app helps you in tracking your friends or cousins. Actually, they ask to install a mobile GPS app on your Android or iPhone app and also ask to provide full access to the phone. So, when the application has all rights to access any feature and can modify any setting, so it can TURN ON or OFF your GPS itself.

When you want to track a mobile phone of any family member or friend, you need to install an Application on the targeted mobile. And then do some settings and leave the phone. All the rest things will be done by the main server and you will get results on your phone.

How To Track Family Member’s Phone Location and Activity

Now, I am going to share a detailed tutorial with pictures on how to track friend’s or family member’s location on Android or iPhone. Please follow the all steps carefully.

Requirements for Tracking Friend’s Locations

  1. At least 2 Android Phones (You and Your Friend/family member)
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Basic Internet Knowledge

Steps to Track the Activity of Friends or Family Members – Free

  1. Download this free app: Family Locator: GPS Tracker (Life360)
    • Downloads: 50M+
    • Reviews: 862K+
    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Size: 39MB
    • Developer: Life360
  2. Now, open the installed app on your mobile phone and read/skip the intro pages/screens.
  3. Fill your details and complete the registration process and log in to your Main account.
  4. Please allow access to your GPS (Location Service) setting and it will turn on the GPS. family tracking software free apk download
  5. Now, you will get your current location where you are at this time as shown in the pic below:track family members free application download
  6. If you want to add your brother/sister or any family member or any friend in your group, just share the link with them and ask them to join you in the same app. mobile phone tracker apk download free premium cracked
  7. The second person will download the app and enter your shared code to the app and both of you can see the current location of each other.
  8. Done!

Track Friend’s or Family Member’s Location with Advanced Features – Paid method

The app Life360 also offers a premium plan to get some advanced features and benefits in tracking your colleague. So, if you want to know some advanced features and information, you just need to upgrade your membership on the same application.

how to find gps location of android phone free apk download

If you want to upgrade your membership or plan, just move to the left drawer in the app and click on premium membership and you get a detailed screen with features and pricing of the plan. Here are the features and screen: Life360 cracked apk free download

What If User Turned OFF GPS Location in Mobile

Warning! As you know if you are trying to stop any application or service from running, it shows a warning or error on screen. In the same way, Life360 also shows a warning message inside the app each time. Here is the message you get: Life360 premium apk download free

What Other Services Available in Map Section inside Life360 App

You can also find hospitals, fire stations, and police stations by adding a tick mark in front of the titles. You can refer to the picture below:Life360 android apk download cracked premium

Which Functions are Available in Setting Tab

You can manage everything from the main setting tab inside the Life360 app. Please have a look at this picture: how to track mobile sim location in India

Last Words on Location Tracking of Mobiles, Friends or Family Members

So, as you read above all steps and process, you got there is not spy or hacking method in this article. Here is an Android application that works for you to track the location of mobile phones using GPS service.

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