How to Fix Google Play Error DF-DLA-15 – 5 Easy Methods

How to Fix Google Play Error DF-DLA-15: Usually, the Google Play Store performs without issue, but it has ever occurred to all of us that when going to download an application or update an app or game that we have previously installed on our smartphone or tablet, a message occurs showing that there has been some type of error and that the action we have asked cannot be taken out.

Google Play Store Error DF-DLA-15 is an error experienced by some android smartphone users while attempting to refresh existing applications or download a new application. The error prevents the impacted users from additional utilizing the Google Play Store by then.

I realize that this error can frequently be brought about by various issues and the side effects basically prevent you from utilizing the Google Play Store, however, it’s a really considered normal issue that you shouldn’t fear. Through broad exploration, we have prescribed three answers to fix this Google Play Store-related issue.

1. Clear your Google Play Store Cache

Clear your Google Play Store Cache

  • This choice has recorded the most noteworthy achievement rate in fixing the mistake ‘DF-DLA-15’ for
  • users encountering such. You can give it a shot by following the means recorded below
  • Send off your Google Play Store
  • Tap or press your home button to return you to the launcher
  • Go to settings>>Apps
  • Look down and tap on Google Play Store>>’ App Info’
  • tap on ‘Power Stop’>>Ok
  • Tap on ‘CLEAR DATA’>>OK

This ought to consequently fix the mistake DF-DLA-15. On the off chance that this fix didn’t work for you, evaluate the following fix nitty-gritty in arrangement 2.

2. Add a Payment Option

Add a Payment Option

In some cases, Google Play Store keeps you from refreshing or introducing a new application since it couldn’t confirm your installment choice. Adding an installment choice is a decent fix for large numbers of Google Play Store errors experienced by some Android device useres.

  • You can evaluate this fix in the means below:
  • Send off your Google Play Store
  • Tap on the menu as three-level bars to uncover your dashboard
  • Tap on ‘Installment methods’>>Add a credit or check card
  • Input your Credit or check card number and other details>>Save
  • Attempt re-refreshing the current application being referred to or taking a stab at downloading an application.
  • Adding an installment choice to your Google Play Store doesn’t naturally mean deducting cash from your record. You are not expected to make any installments for this fix.

3. Uninstall Recent Google Play Store Updates

Uninstall Recent Google Play Store Updates

  • Go to settings>>Apps>>Google Play Store>>App Info
  • Tap on the menu as three vertical spots
  • Tap on Uninstall Updates>>Ok to uninstall late Google Play Store Updates

Assuming this works for you, we suggest that you debilitate the auto-update component of Google by following the means underneath

  • Send off your Google Play Store
  • Tap on the menu bar as three-level bars
  • look down to ‘Settings’>>Auto-update applications
  • Check the ‘Don’t auto-update applications’ circle,>> DONE.

4. Remove Google Account & Add Again

Remove Google Account & Add Again

  • Open your versatile setting
  • Go to Accounts
  • Now, tap on Google
  • Tap on 3 dabs on the upper right corner of the screen
  • Now, Tap on eliminate account
  • After deleting your account restart your gadget
  • when restart added a record
  • Now check in the event that the issue is fixed

5. Unmount SD card

Unmount SD card

  • Go to Setting >> Storage >> Scroll down and select “Unmount SD card”
  • Open Google Play Store >> Download the application again that was giving you the mistake message
  • After effective establishment, Go back to Settings >> Storage >> tap on “Mount SD card”
  • On the off chance that the above advances didn’t work, likewise, have a go at eliminating your SD card and restarting your telephone.
  • Download the application and see whether it settled the issue.


So we have written five working methods to fix Google Play Error DF-DLA-15. You can Use any method mentioned above in the list you will get a solution of Google Play Error DF-DLA-15.

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