4 Ways to Fix Google Play Store Error 492

4 Ways to Fix Error 492 in Google Play Store: This Google Play store error on the device is newly reported by the users of the device. This error usually happens when the user of the device tests to download or update the app from Google. There is no need to worry more about it. It is just a petty bug that can be solved on your own without taking the help of experts. In case, you can fix it by executing tricks to fix Google play store error 492 on the device.

In this article, I will show a few tricks to fix devices that show up with the Google Play store 492 error. Let’s recognize every feasibility and perform them out individually to determine the cause behind the problem. So if you are a user of the device and your device is going through a parallel problem, carry on to read the article. It may help you to fix the problem.

Have you ever come across Error 492? Frankly, it is a rare error that happens when using the Google Play Store. Although it does not arise as commonly as other problems, this error is also related to something that goes wrong with your device system.

1. Clear the Data and Cache of the Google Play Store

As excess of the reserve might stall your gadget out and cause some efficient blunder like Google Play Error 492, clear repetitive store and pointless information routinely can keep a decent presentation of your gadget.

Clear the Data and Cache of the Google Play Store

  • Go to Settings of your gadget.
  • Explore to Apps oversee and tap All.
  • Tap on Google Play Store.
  • Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.

2. Install or Update Google Play Store

Or then again on the off chance that the above tip can’t eliminate reserve in a thoroughgoing manner, this tip can assist you with investing more effort. To do this, you really want to attempt to uninstall and reinstall Google App to fix play store mistake 492.

Install or Update Google Play Store

  • Additionally, initially go to Settings > Apps Manager > Google App Store > Clear Data and Cache
  • Return to App Manager and pick Google Service Framework this time.
  • In like manner, pick Clear Cache and Data choices.
  • Presently run the Google Play application and track down the connection to introduce or refresh the application.
  • Assuming that nothing helps from the means, you should boot your gadget into Recovery Mode to Wipe the Dalvik reserve.

3. Uninstall Updates and Remove Google Account

As a result of the contrariness of the most recent rendition of the Google Play Store App, it would be smarter to corrupt your present form and yet again sign in your record to check whether Error 492 Android has been tended to.

Uninstall Updates from Google Play

Uninstall Updates from Google Play
uninstall google play store update
  • Explore the Settings of your gadget and pick the App director.
  • Tap on Google Play Store.
  • Pick the “Uninstall Updates” button.
  • Return to App director once more.
  • Pick Google Service Framework this time.
  • Tap on “Uninstall Updates” for Google Service Framework.

Remove Google Account

Uninstall Updates and Remove Google Account

  • Get back to the Settings area and pick the Accounts choice.
  • Track down Google Account and tap on it.
  • Select the Remove Account button and pick it again at the brief to affirm.
  • Sign in to your Google Account again to check whether the presentation is ordinary.

4. Format Your SD card

An SD card blunder might be another element that causes mistake code 492, you really want to actually take a look at it, as undetectable harm will cause the SD card to crash. Sadly, organizing your SD card is anything but an ideal arrangement and this will eradicate all records and information on the SD card. Henceforth, remember to back up your documents assuming you have significant information on them.

Format Your SD card

  • Explore the Settings of your gadget.
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Get Erase SD Card or Format SD Card.
  • select eradicate sd card
  • Then, at that point, tap on Erase and Format.
  • tap on eradicating and design
  • Reinstall Google App Store again and attempt to run the App.
  • On the off chance that Error 492 brief doesn’t spring up, you have effectively done.


It’s truly a fortune to fix Google Play Store Error 492. Regardless of whether the possibility of experiencing blunder 492 is little, we ought to focus on every activity since they are not so inconsequential as you would suspect. To wrap things up, spread the word and solid asset. Furthermore, make sure to clear the store parcel routinely as this is vital.

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