The Best Way To Write Content That Search Engines Will Love!

The world of SEO is becoming ever more competitive, which makes it all the more important to put the time and effort into crafting high-quality SEO-optimized content. But how do you go about it? In this article, we’ll share the best way to write content that search engines will love.

Don’t write for Google!

It may surprise you, but the best way to write content that search engines will love is by not writing for Google.

Yes, you need to do your keyword research and tastefully scatter them throughout your article, however, writing content specifically for the sake of ranking well on Google is in fact counterproductive.


Because it distracts you from the primary reason why anyone should be creating content in the first place: to offer value to their target audience.

When you become too consumed with writing the perfect SEO-optimized content, you lose all authenticity, you tend to stuff keywords unnaturally, and the language used becomes far less natural.

The good news? Since Google’s latest ‘people-first’ algorithm update, when you write content for your audience first, you are writing for Google, because they love it when websites go above and beyond to provide exceptional on-page value.

Know your audience

Of course, in order to deliver superior value to your audience…you need to know exactly who they are. This can help you when doing your keyword research as well, better understanding search intent and figuring out what makes your ideal customer tick.

The more data you have on the who, the better positioned you will ultimately be to tailor your content to resonate with them perfectly.

Make each piece of content with intention

Quality over quantity. Don’t throw a tonne of half-baked content at the wall and hope that something will stick. Instead, take your time and make sure that every single piece of content you create is made with purpose and clear intention.

Answer the most frequently asked questions, provide the ultimate ‘definitive guide’ on a subject, and make it crystal clear to both Google and the readers what those intentions are.

Write accessible content

Don’t use unnecessary language. Keep your wording simple and get straight to the point. You should also aim to use shorter sentences and paragraphs.

In doing so you make your content more accessible. Yes, certain audiences do indeed resonate with fancy wordplay, however, you’ll alienate everyone else. On the other hand, by keeping the language you use as simple as possible – everyone is involved.

If you want the perfect example of this, look at fortune 500 companies like Apple and Coca Cola and you’ll know exactly what they mean. 

Create an awesome on-page experience

Ensuring that your content ranks well isn’t just about the quality of the content itself, or your choice of keywords, but the overall on-page experience.

  • Is your website well-designed?
  • How easy is it to navigate your content?
  • Do you have clear headers?
  • Are you using bulleted lists for emphasis?
  • Do you have beautiful visual elements?
  • Is there intuitive internal and external linking?
  • How long does the page take to load?

There are so many things that you can do to improve the overall UX (user experience) of your content, and the greater the lengths you go to when adding value, the far more likely Google will be to reward you for your efforts.

Hire the experts

Of course, the easiest way to create content that Google will love is by outsourcing your SEO requirements to the experts. The fact is, strategizing and managing an ongoing SEO campaign built for success is highly time and resource intensive. Which is why investing in one of the top agencies for SEO in Melbourne can bring immense value to your business.

In any case, we hope you’ve found some useful information in this post and feel inspired to write some awesome content of your own!

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