14 Best Telegram Bots for Music, Movies, Torrent etc – Complete list – 2020

When you spend enough time using telegram bots, you want to get the most out of it, explore other useful telegram bots.

So here I have used and mentioned Best telegram bots, using these bots you can download songs in extremely high quality, download telegram files using other apps, remotely upload telegram files to google drive, generate temp email address and much more.

Telegram bots are completely free and you can also develop the best telegram bots using the blooming language Python or any other language. Telegram bots use API to communicate with users and the server.

Any Risk? In every online community, there are many scammers, you must be aware and don’t provide any of your details like passwords, etc to the bots or any other user.

Best Useful Telegram Bots – 2020

1. Music Download (Best Telegram Bot for Music)

Telegram bot for music

Listening to Music online from Spotify, Gaana and other apps is great but sometimes we need that high-quality music offline(maybe for video editing), we visit various sites and there will be full of ads and pop-ups that will irritate you so much.

It will be easier if these apps provide an option to use their songs in other apps but they won’t do it, as they won’t earn any money.

It’s easy to download music from Spotify and other apps using the Telegram Music Downloader bot. Just send the link music link or the playlist link from Spotify to the bot. The bot automatically fetches and sends you the track you needed.

This is one of the best telegram bots for music or audio I found, it’s simple and no skills required.


2. Video Downloader (Best Telegram Bot for Video)

Just like Music Downloader bot, this bot is capable of downloading videos from YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, DailyMotion, etc at its best quality up to 4K.

The Quality of the video depends on the uploader, i,e It downloads the maximum quality available, if max is 360p, you will get 360p only.

Just send the link of the video from the source you want to download, the bot fetches and sends you the video. [Bot is Currently Down]


3. SeedBot – Torrent Leech Telegram Bot

telegram torrent leech bot

If we think of Free stuff first thing that hits our mind is Torrent, but downloading from torrent is hectic, dead links, and sometimes seeders will be zero and the speed (tears falling down with 0.25kbps).

There are many tools available over the internet, where you can download the stuff, but you guys know about these websites full of redirects and popups.

Based on my observation many people mainly use torrents for Udemy courses and Netflix content. You get a Premium Netflix username and password for free then why torrent?

Well, this torrent leech telegram bot is simple yet over efficient and capable of downloading stuff even from dead torrent links. And you can directly(remotely) upload the stuff to your Google Drive or DropBox without actually downloading it on your device.

https://t.me/torrentleech_bot [Down] This is the best telegram bot for torrent lovers but this is taken down by the developer as many people were leeching 18[plus] content. It was the speedest bot to leech torrent files.

Alternative bot because the above bot is taken down, but this bot is slightly slower. The speed of the downloading depends on the seeders but even if the seders are low, it will be downloaded at the maximum speed.


4. Image to Text Telegram Bot (Telegram OCR bot)

Telegram Image to text bot

You might be knowing about the famous CamScanner app, to use a feature called OCR you need to pay some penny.

Using this Image to Text Telegram bot you can do it easily and it’s free. Just send the Image and the bot sends you the text on the image you sent.

Though this feature is already in Google Photos but many devices come with their own Gallery app.


There is one more bot that has some additional capabilities like it can translate text onto the image to various languages and export the text as a .txt file format.

Example: Send an image which has some Korean text on it, with the caption “>en”, then you will get the Korean text translated to English


5. Get Public Link Telegram Bot (AKA Save To Drive Telegram Bot)

telegram public link bot

On Telegram, we get all NetFlix, Amazon Prime, and other Entertainment content in full HD. All these files can’t be downloaded outside the telegram app or web telegram due to restrictions.

Telegram is an instant messaging service for multiple tasks. You can use this service to send messages, photos, videos, and files to your friends. And know how to log in to Telegram web login in your account in the web browser.

Using the Get Public Link Telegram bot we can generate a link to any file and even remotely save it in Google Drive.

Quick Tip: Using this best telegram bot, save the file to Google Drive and download using IDM(PC) or ADM(Android) for a faster download of your file(s). As Google servers are always up and fast, you get maximum download speed.

You need to forward or upload the file, the bot will reply with a resumable link and an option to save to Google Drive. Upload to Google Drive or download using a resumable link with any browser/downloader of your choice


6. Text Magic Telegram Bot

Telegram Text Magic bot

Normal is boring? Maybe sometimes. The same font of the text can be changed in a fancy text and can be used anywhere you wish without any extra effort.

With this bot, you can change the font of the text in different fancy fonts.

Just send the text you want in a fancy font and the Text Magic Telegram Bot sends back the text you sent in 12 completely different fonts.

You can use this bot inline means that while chatting you just use “@TextMagicBot [Your_Text]” and you can change the font without directly using the bot.
Replace “[Your_Text]” with the text you want.

It’s fast and easier, and using it in inline made the work easier and quicker. This is the best telegram bot for fancy text.

I sent “GeekyArea” to the bot and it sent me back all the following text in 12 different fonts:

̶G ̶e ̶e ̶k ̶y ̶A ̶r ̶e ̶a
G ̲e ̲e ̲k ̲y ̲A ̲r ̲e ̲a ̲
G ̤e ̤e ̤k ̤y ̤A ̤r ̤e ̤a ̤


7. Fake Mail Telegram Bot (Best Telegram TempMail Bot)

Telegram Fake Mail bot

Everyone wants to keep their email inbox clean, free from junk, spam, and hackers. Sometimes we want to signup and get multiple free trials like Netflix, in these cases, a fake or disposable email address is a great choice.

There are many websites which provide the same services and some are paid too you check out our article Top fake email generator 2020

Just use some bot commands like “/generate” to get a random fake email address, well all information of commands will be given when you open the bot.


8. Gmail Telegram Bot

Telegram gmail bot official

What feels more secure than a verified account? Yes, this bot is verified and has a verification badge on the telegram.

Open the Gmail Telegram bot, it asks you to authorize your Google account. Allow permission to access your Gmail and you good to go.

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You will receive emails and you can reply to them within the telegram app. Even you can archive, delete, mark as read, forward and almost everything you can do within the Gmail app.


9. Reverse Anime Search Telegram Bot

Telegram REverse Search Bot

Anime_! This bot is for anime lovers. Over social media, there are many anime pics, to find out which anime is that we need any reverse anime search engine.

This bot does the task for you. Send the image of the anime, or gif, even from the screenshot, it can find the source (sauce) of the anime.

If it fails to get the sauce then it provides two options to search the image with google reverse search engine or with TinEye


10.UTube Telegram bot (Best Telegram Bot for Youtube Download)

Telegram UTube Bot

Your guess is absolutely correct. This bot is used to download Youtube Videos in many formats including mp3.

Note: Google won’t allow their things to be used by any other apps. So these kinds of bots will get down until the developer finds a new way to fetch the data.

Just send or share the link to the bot. The bot gives you many options to download the video like 1080p, 720p, 360p. Even you can download only the audio part that in mp3, wav, aac, ogg.

Personally, I prefer this bot as its easy and no ads at all, This is the best telegram bot for youtube downloader.


12. Regram Telegram Bot (Telegram Instagram Downloader Bot)

Telegram Instagram Downloader Bot

Many apps are handy to download Instagram content, but in-app advertisements, pop-ups, and some apps ask us to watch an ad to download the content.

Let’s cut off all these tasks as it’s too simple to download any content from Instagram. No need for providing any Instagram account details for downloading any Instagram content via bot.

Just send the post link to the bot and you will get the photo/video of the post. Even if there are multiple pics/vids, everything will be sent to your inbox.

Note: The post you want to download must be public if it’s private then this Instagram Video Download Apps for Android and iOS might help


13. MP3 Tools Telegram Bot

Telegram MP3 Bot

Downloading music, videos, etc can be done in telegram then why not editing these files! This bot is handy in editing the mp3’s.

Just forward or upload the mp3 or even you can send the link. The bot will download mp3 on its sever and provides you some tool like cut, send as voice notes, change bitrate, and much more


14. PDF to Image Telegram Bot

Telegram PDF to Image bot

PDFs are helpful but sometimes, we the PDF in Image format. Screenshot? But we lose the quality of the image.

This bot is capable of converting every page of pdf into an image. Even we can enter the page number which we want as images.

  • “/extract” commands extract all pages into a zip file as images.
  • “/extract_one” provides first page as image. For more information use
  • “/help” command to get all usage.


Best Telegram Bots – Telegram Bot List 2020 (My Final words)

I have used every bot mentioned above. And some of these bots are my favorite. Still, we at GeekyArea request you to be careful before giving any to your accounts. Use secondary accounts with these bots.

Do you know any avenger-level best telegram bot? Then why not comment down or even you can inform us on our social handle and we are happy to add the bot on our list.

Depending on my research these are the best telegram bots. I use these bots in my daily routine and I found that these bots give the best out of them. Just try yourself and I am sure you will be amazed by the accuracy of these bots.

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