How To Find WiFi Password on Android [Latest 3 Method]

Today we will explain to you how to find the WiFi password on android. We explained some best methods of how to find the wifi password. And we all know that it is quite difficult to remember all the passwords. It is fine if the connection is running smoothly but what will you do if the wifi networking stop working or showing an unknown error to connect. after that time you have to reconnect to wifi with a password.


How To Find Saved Wifi Password on Android

Here is some simple way from which you can easily find a saved wifi password.  You can Try them to get a wifi password from android with easy steps.

  1. Using QR Code method
  2. using ES File Manager
  3. Using ADK Tool Method

#1 View Wifi Password Using QR Code Method:

This is an in-built option for Xiaomi Users. Where user Share Wifi Password In QR Code format. This option comes with MIUI 8 Version.


1. Make sure you are connected to Wifi Network.

2. open Settings >> Wifi Settings

3. here you see ” Tap to share password ” on connected wifi networks.

4. Simply Tap on that option and you will get a QR code on the next screen.

5. Now Download QR Code reader app from here: Click here

6. Open App And Simply Scan with Qr code scanner and you will get wifi password on the screen.

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#2 How to See WiFi Password Using ES file Manager [For Rooted]:

Es file manager is one of the best file managers for Android. It has all the features which are required in the best file manager. You can easily manage, share all your local Android and cloud files. it also allows the user to access system files.

1. Download and install Es file explorer: Click here (app removed by Google)

2. Open the app and allow all the permission required by Es file explorer.

3. Now from the home page go to the Go to the menu section from the left-hand side. and search for Root Explorer and enable it. now you can access System files after enabling root explorer.

4. Now, search the “Root” folder and then go to the “Data” folder

5. Under the “Data” folder many other folders are allocated but you have to find the “misc” folder.

6. Open the “misc” folder you have to find the ‘Wifi’ folder.

7. Under the Wifi folder, you have to find ” wpa_supplicant.conf ” and open it with Html viewer.


8. In ‘ wpa_supplicant.conf ‘ lots of details are available but you have to find SSID and PSK, where SSID is the wifi name and PSK is the wi-fi password.

9. Now enjoy your Wi-Fi data with a Password obtain from the above method.

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#3 How to know Wifi password using ADB Tools:

To view the wifi password on android using the ADB tools method you need a desktop or a lappy with ADB drivers install. this will help you view saved wifi password without rooting your android smartphone.

1. You need to allow Debugging to perform this action.

2. Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Build Number or MIUI Version.

3. now you have to Tap on build Number or MIUI version (Xiaomi users) continuously 4-5 times to allow USB Debugging. You will get a message ‘ You are now a developer’
after a successful step completed.adb-tools

4. Now enable the ‘USB Debugging’ or ‘Android debugging’.


5. Now It’s time to Open Your windows PCs or laptop and install ADB Drivers.

6. After successful installation, Open Program Files(x86) >> Android >> android-SDK there you find folder name with ‘platforms-tool’ now open this file with ” Open Command windows here ” with the right-click or with the Shift key and then right-click inside the folders.


7. Now Connect Your Android device with a Desktop with USB.

8. Open Command Prompt and type ” ADB services ” and click enter.

9. After the above command list of the connected device will be shown. again type another command:ADB pull/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf

10. Above command fetch the file from your smartphone to the local disc C of the PC.

11. Open the file with notepad and access all the wifi password connected with the Smartphone.

Final Words On How To Find Wifi Password On Android:

This is all about how to find wifi password on android. All the above method is genuine and tested if you face any difficulties in trying the above method, feel free to comment below.

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