Are You Using Zoom App? Government Gave You a Lockdown Gift

Across the world, many tech giant company and governments advise their employees not to use the Zoom conferencing app. Now India joined the same list. Ministry of home affairs issues advisory says Zoom not a secure video conferencing platform for private individuals.

Germany, Taiwan, and Us council banned the government employees for using Zoom software for internal use.

Recently you heard the news that Zoom data is available for sell which is available in Dark web only for $5000. which means hackers can access your data without your permission and you don’t figure out what data is stolen.

So, The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Indian Government Cyber Security Agency) issues some advisory for the people who still want to use this video conferencing app.

The Indian government also announced a project for the tech companies in India, to build end-to-end encryption enable video conferencing app. for this Indian government also provide some requirement which includes support for lower-end devices, and poor network connection along with encrypted calls.

The Indian government also invested Rs. 1 crore ($130,055) to one team to develop the software.

Check below image for the full requirement:


So, we request you not to use the Zoom app for your professional work as well as personal work. There are various Zoom alternatives on the internet and you can try any of the lists.

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