Best Online Meeting Apps for Work from Home (Android, Windows, MacOS)

Online Meeting Apps for Virtual Meeting: As we all know that because of the Corona Virus, people from all over the world are locked down in their homes.  Because of this miserable situation, almost all the companies have decided to give work from home to their employees. If you are from IT, then you must be knowing about Whatsapp messenger, Skype, ReadyTalk, etc. tools. These are in use nowadays for doing online meetings, video calling, and conference call with your colleagues, and clients.


Apart from all these tools, today we are here to tell you about some good Online Meeting Apps. These apps have some very good features along with the ability to make a video call with multiple contacts. If you are thinking to do some study in your holidays or free time, you can read our top 5 study planning apps to give you the best options.

Best Online Meeting Apps for You

We are sharing with you the Top 3 Online Meeting Apps that will improve your online working sessions. These apps will make your work from home and your meetings better and more comfortable.

1. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

This is a very popular video conferencing software. It is suitable for small, medium as well as large teams. It is a cloud-based platform. This software can be used for online meetings, town hall meetings, cross-platform meetings, group messaging, file sharing, etc.


It facilitates unlimited meetings. Group meetings have a time duration of 40 mins here, and a maximum of 100 people can join the meeting at a time. If you are also not able to go to the office, then you can take a free trial of this software to know its other features. It supports Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Zoom offers a wide range of pricing for its customers and if you want custom features or pricing, you can contact on the same page.

2. Webex Meetings

This is also a popular conferencing software platform.  It has HD quality videos along with the support of collaboration tools. It has free as well as a paid version available to the users. In the free version, 100 persons can join the meeting with HD quality video.


Screen sharing and personal rooms are also available in the free version. In its paid version, 1 GB cloud storage, unlimited meetings, and meeting recording in mp4 features are available. Here you can schedule meetings directly from your app. The playback recording feature is also available via the app. It is available for Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Webex allows you to get the customized features and pricing for your organization. You can contact the sales department by using this link.

3. Google Hangout Meet

Google Hangout Meet is also a good video conferencing platform. You can participate in virtual meetings via Mobile or Laptop. Its free service is available With Google G Suite.


A maximum of 50 people can participate in a meeting at the same time here. Because of the Corona Virus, Google is giving G Suite advanced feature access for free. With its advanced version, a maximum of 250 people can participate in the online meeting. You can download it from Google Play Store.

You can avail of some advanced features by using the Hangout pro version. You can check out the hangout pricing here.

Meeting Apps Alternatives for Work From Home

1. Serene (Mac)

2. Slack (Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, Web)

3. Chrome Remote Desktop (Android, iOS, Chrome Extension)

4. Toggl (Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox)

5. Spark (Mac, iOS, Android)

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Free Tip for Work From Home Employees

If you are working from home and using any free android app for meeting or sharing your work or report files, you may get some annoying ads on your android mobile. So, we have a solution for you, you can block all ads on your mobile phone by using our ad blocker apps for Android.

Also, I want to make a humble request to all the guys reading this article. Please, guys, stay at home to support our nation and to keep ourselves, and our nation safe from Corona. Also, if possible help poor people in this situation, and support them with money and food.

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