How to Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon Shopping App / Website

Amazon Shopping App

Amazon not only brings enormous amounts of discount offers to its customers but also allows you to load money on your gift card.

For this purpose, you need to deceive your Amazon account that you are adding debit or credit card into your Amazon account, and you are not using it as an Amazon gift card.  To make this happen, you need to make your card ready for action.

Check the Card’s Activation Status and Exact Balance

The first compulsory action you need to do to use your gift card on the Amazon shopping app is to ensure its activation. You need to confirm its activation through phone calls. The next step requires you to check the balance of the card. This is specifically important if you have done any recent purchases through your gift card. Most of the gift cards often have activation charges.

Loading Money into your Amazon Visa Gift card on Amazon Shopping App

Though most of the instructions mentioned are all same whether you use the shopping app or through the website. So, let us first discuss how to use it on your shopping app through mobile devices. The picture below will describe the key ways on how to use it on your mobile. 

  1. Then you need to tap “Your Account” from the menu at the left corner of your smartphone.
  2. Scroll down the “Amazon Pay” menu.
  3. Tap the “Manage payment options” menu.

  1. Under the menu, you will find the option “Amazon Gift Card”. Tap the menu “Reload your Balance.
  2. Then you need to type the balance you want to load into the card “Enter an amount”, then tap “Add a card” as shown in the picture below.

  1. Then you need to enter the information exactly shown in the picture above like the card number, name.  You want to include any other statements and the date of expiry. 
  2. The next step would require you to enter the address when it asks for.
  3. During your next shopping on Amazon Shopping App, you need to pick the gift card you have recently added balance and the payment method. Though you can easily identify through the last four digits of the card. 

Using your Visa Gift Card through Amazon Website

However, using your Visa gift card through the Amazon website is easy, especially if you are not comfortable using it on your mobile device. The registration process is the same. You need to register your card as a method of payment. Most of the Amazon gift cards are not personalized, meaning Amazon won’t allow validating your card. Click here for 10 Android security apps.

You need to have the exact amount on your gift card while making the purchase

  • Register your Visa gift card with the issuing bank

To register, you need to check if your Visa card already contains a zip code, and a name attached with it. If not, then you have to visit the bank personally. Many times you might find the registration link at the back of your card. If it does not contain the link, then you should look for the name of the bank on Google, and type “gift card registration on…..(Bank name). This will lead you to the correct website. After opening the website, you need to verify the card details. There you will have to register your card with your details like address and name. You can even check your available balance on the website. 

Adding your Card as Method of Payment on Amazon Website

The next step would require you to visit Click on your Account and click on the drop-down list to go to your Account. Refer to the picture below.

Now, you need to click on the payment options menu option for adding your Amazon card as an alternative method of payment. However, if you don’t find the option there, it is under the Ordering and Shopping preferences box below.

  1. Swapping your Visa gift card for an Amazon gift card

You can use your Visa card at this point. But the real trick here is that you cannot use the card to divide your purchases if you own many cards. But you can perform a trick to bypass this action. The best trick is to buy an Amazon gift card.

You can even click on the gift cards box in “Your Account”, and then navigate to “Reload your Balance”. 

You need to enter the balance that you want to load in your Visa gift card and choose the gift card you have added (Step #2) as your method of payment. 

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