How to Use a Keyboard and a Mouse on PS4, and Which Games are Compatible

How to Use a Keyboard and a Mouse on PS4

How to Use a Keyboard and a Mouse on PS4

You can play your games on PlayStation 4 through a default controller, the Dualshock 4. This controller comes with a box and it is a great way to play your games. But this Dualshock 4 lacks precision sometimes, and that is why most online gamers prefer using a keyboard and a mouse instead. The keyboard and a mouse provide an extra bit of precision and advantage while playing the games. Fortunately, the PS4 is compatible with few games that support the keyboard and mouse.

You can play a few games with a keyboard and mouse on PS4, but not all the games would allow you to do so. The major games like the Call of Duty series even would ban you from playing multiplayer games. Since the keyboard and the mouse provide you a competitive edge over other players.

How to Use Mouse and Keyboard on PlayStation 4?

You can easily play games on your PlayStation 4 using your normal keyboard and a mouse. Usually, it is plug and play, but sometimes you need to pair them with your PlayStation 4. Though direct connection allows you to play a few games, most of the games wouldn’t allow you to play. This is because some games on PS4 are not compatible with the keyboard and mouse. However, if you are a keyboard and mouse user, then you need to use adapters that are specifically used for converting mouse and keyboard. This can convert the keyboard and the mouse to an output controller for the game you are playing.

Establishing Connection with your Wired Mouse and Keyboard to your PlayStation 4

Connecting the wired keyboard and mouse will need to pass through various stages. However, many of the wired keyboards and mice do not require pairing and you can connect them through plug and play. You find that both these devices are working the same way as an output controller to your PS4.

  • You need to sign-in to your PlayStation 4, and then plug-in your keyboard and mouse into the PS4 USB slots. You can even buy an external USB house as there are 2 USB slots in PS4.

  • Then you should wait for at least five seconds until you get a notification message that might read as “Connecting”. However, it will establish the connection immediately and would start working instantly. But you need to choose the specific profile when asked for. 

  1. Many keyboards require pairing before it starts working, depending upon the feature and specifications of the keyboard manufacturer. 
  2. Few keyboards will allow you to check the setting by yourself. For this purpose, you need to press the PS button on your output controller. After this, just press the UP button. Click Settings, and select Devices. To check the settings, you will see the External devices that are connected to the PS4. 

  1. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Pairing to PlayStation 4

The pairing of the keyboard and the mouse will allow you to connect it to the PlayStation 4. Though many wireless controllers work on your PS4 effortlessly. As you can connect your output controllers to the PS4, similarly you can connect the external devices to your PS4. However, you can connect various other devices like controllers, headphones, mouse, and the keyboard through Bluetooth connectivity with PS4.

But in this case, you need to switch on your Bluetooth device. Then, you need to connect your Bluetooth dongle receiver to the PS4. This will act as a USB adapter.

For multiple connectivity options, you can connect various devices through a USB hub as PS4 has only 2 USB ports.

When a connection is established on the PS4, it will start recognizing your mouse and the keyboard quickly within 30 seconds. You will get the message on your screen. It is ready to work. For Bluetooth users, you need to pair it with your PlayStation 4. 

To use this, you need to press the PS button on your output controller. You also need to press the UP button, click Settings, and navigate to choose the Devices menu. Try opening your Bluetooth Devices panel and it is easily visible there. Choose the device you want to use for playing. 

Which Games Are Compatible using Keyboard and Mouse in PS4?

List of games that are compatible with PS4 using keyboard and mouse in 2020.

  1. Call of Duty (Modern Warfare)
  2. Final Fantasy XIV
  3. Zombies (Day Z)
  4. Air Combat(War Thunder)
  5. Fantasy (MMORPG)
  6. Fortnite
  7. Minecraft

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