Gadgets to Make Your Pool Party the Talk of the Summer

The good news is that summer is here- and high time for a pool party! There’s no better way to relax and enjoy time with friends than to kick back in the sun, get a BBQ started, and throw the best pool party of the summer. In recent years, the development in creative and technological gadgets has soared- enabling you to have the coolest and most fun pool parties. In our quest to bring you the most advanced and interesting pool party technology, We Buy Any House has comprised our top 7 list.

Pool Party

1- An Indoor- Outdoor Speaker

A staple of a good pool party is a speaker that can drown out (pun intended), the noise from the pool, excited chatter, and the delicious food cooking on the BBQ. Investing in a Bluetooth indoor-outdoor speaker allows you to easily get everyone up and dancing simply by connecting the speaker to your smartphone. A word of advice: you might want to make sure it’s waterproof for those pesky splashers!

2- Underwater LED Lights

More vivid than generic pool lights, underwater LED lights are the perfect addition to your pool party. Usually coming with over ten changing colours, adjustable brightness levels, and changing modes (for example flash, fade, or smooth)- underwater LED lights to create the perfect atmosphere for your pool party. Even more advanced, some lights can sync to your phone and display the light in time with the music coming from your phone or speaker- creating the perfect club/pool party vibe.

3- Tiki Bar Pool Float

All your Tiki bar dreams have been answered. This tropical and fun inflatable comes complete with six drink holders, two storage bins, and a cool canopy- all whilst remaining floating! It’s the perfect way to hang out in the pool with your loved ones and combine fun with water.

4- Waterproof Camera

Invest in a waterproof camera and capture high-quality pictures from above and below the water. A great way to create new and interesting memories. 

5- Floating Pool Umbrella

The direct sun hitting the pool isn’t for everyone. If you want to chill out in the pool but can’t bear the sun directly shining on you- investing in a floating pool windproof umbrella is vital. Covering 2 meters, a pool umbrella stays afloat on aby body of water deeper than half a meter. Lightweight and coming with cup holders, you can be shaded whilst taking a dip.

6. Inflatable Movie Screen

Make your pool party even greater by adding a huge viewing screen that will showcase everything from movie nights to sporting events. As it’s portable, you can place it anywhere to create a pool-party entertainment extravaganza.

7. Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner

Hosting a pool party with a dirty pool is certainly one way to put your guests off. At the push of a button, the Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner will maintain the cleanliness of your pool with ease, by using a roving filter system that cleans most in-ground and above-ground pool systems. Reducing chemical, water costs, and energy, they are ultra-safe and incredibly efficient. Let your guests enjoy a clean pool party!

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