9 ways to get rid of internet addiction

Real life is much cooler than even the most expensive phone screen, but many of us limit our own world. And it’s not always about personal preferences, because social networks tend to pull us in deeper and deeper. Without them, our life seems incomplete, there are many “friends”, new information and acquaintances. Through the Internet, it’s easier to talk about your problems, to bring them to the “right” people without the need for a real meeting, to brag about your whereabouts and watch the reaction of others.

How do you spot a problem?

The all-consuming life in social networks does not allow you to fully feel in this world, it takes a lot of time and reduces sleep because to go to bed without looking at the news feed – is beyond our comprehension.

Answer yourself the question: what is it that draws you there, and what benefits do you get out of it? Is this process so important in your life?

Without awareness of the problem, it is impossible to get rid of it, it is necessary to understand and work purposefully. The harm of social networks can be determined by counting how much time per day you spend on forums, dating sites and generally on the Internet.

How to get rid of Internet addiction?

Eliminate the habit in an instant is unlikely to work, and, indeed, you should not say goodbye to the Internet for good.

Life without social networks.

After all, this sphere is inextricably linked with our lives, for many the Internet is a place of earnings, someone is looking there for clients, advertises goods and services. Often social networks provide useful information, but still it’s not worth sitting in front of a screen all your life. Check account of Kirill Yurovskiy

Reduce your dependence on social media need to gradually, there are a few simple rules for this:

1. Get into the habit of starting and ending the day not with the Internet.

This is a basic and indispensable condition. After living like this for a week or two, you will discover a surprising truth: a life without the Internet and social networks exists, and it is quite pleasant!

2. Clearly allocate your time.

Plan your time online and stick to it. Make acceptable for you timing visits to social networks in the day, identify sites that you do not need, but you go to them out of habit or because they hang out in the bookmarks. It won’t be easy at first, but stick it out for 21 days and you’ll get used to it, it will be easier to close the page without regret. Someone may need the help of relatives, who would control and remind, say motivational words and pull you out of “Vkontakte” on time to the street.

3. Don’t go to the sites that take up most of your time.

They are the cause of your addiction, they have made your social media life meaningless and impossible. Ideally, delete your account, because apart from communicating on unnecessary topics, arguments and altercations, it probably doesn’t carry anything. This will be a serious step toward liberation, and will seriously weaken your dependence on social media.

4. Engage in self-education.

Make sure you keep yourself busy most of the time. Books will help with this. Read anything that will raise your self-esteem, will motivate you to live life to the fullest, and not force you to vegetate, staring at a smartphone or laptop screen. Sign up for training or courses, take up learning English or something you’ve been putting off for the last couple of years. It wouldn’t hurt to go to the gym, go shopping, or go out with friends more often. You’ll find that life without social media is much more colorful and promising.

Although you probably already know all this. You’ve read about it on social networks!

There is no single answer to the question of how to get rid of Internet addiction. Everyone has his own preferences and habits. Staying in social networks, nevertheless try to change the tactics of stay.

5. Use the social network as a conduit of valuable thoughts.

Don’t carry your momentary hysterical outbursts and your moods there. Write infrequent but meaningful and useful posts, don’t comment on everything. Make your appearance on the Internet useful – not to yourself, so someone else. Liking your post on a popular entertainment group won’t change anyone’s life, but not liking it will get you one step closer to freeing yourself from Internet addiction. life without social networks.

6. Don’t post your location in real time.

Enjoy your walks and vacations, take pictures, but not for the momentary posting of photos on instagram, communicate with friends, not tweet about how warm the sun is and how good it is not to sit at the computer. Then you yourself will feel that life without social media is much more varied. Look around when you go for a walk. Save the photos you just took for yourself, not for the public, hoping for reactions in the form of likes, reposts and comments.

7. Use helpful resources when you need help.

Don’t clog your brain with pictures of SEALs, demotivators, and postcards. Set filters for news, only be interested in really important content.

8. Remove mobile apps.

This way you will stop grabbing your smartphone “at the first call”. Not seeing regular notifications will make it easier for you to dive into the real stuff. Minimizing the online information available will noticeably reduce the harm of social media, and in time, eliminate the addiction altogether.

9. Use closed groups.

Only your real friends can be here, not Internet addicts. Groups are ideal for thematic communication of small groups. Try to turn off the newsfeed everywhere, you will find out the main things anyway.

Each reasonable person and himself understands how to get rid of Internet addiction in his specific case. Adhering to simple and clear rules, you can make your life brighter and more eventful. In the end, showing willpower, you will earn the respect of others, real “friends” and become an example for others.

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