4 Strategies to solve Critical Reasoning Questions

4 Strategies to solve Critical Reasoning Questions

Do you know one popular section that many competitive exams have? No, not Mathematics, but Critical Reasoning Questions (CR). Many scholars fail in this particular section because it tests the intelligent quotient of the candidate. Many of them score excellent, while the rest fail to finish off in style. The best thing about it is no one needs hard-core training or to attend coaching classes if you have logical thinking. Simply analyze the argument and draw the conclusions accordingly. Common terminologies used in this particular section are Argument, Conclusion, Facts or Premises, Assumption, and Inferences.  If you are a beginner to encounter such questions, we have a secret blueprint for you! Read on.

4 Strategies to solve Critical Reasoning Questions
4 Strategies to solve Critical Reasoning Questions

Tips and tricks to solve CR questions

1. Categorize CR questions into small parts

Readers, what do you do when unable to learn a passage or concept? Yes, you guessed it right! You categorize or break down the question into small parts and solve it separately. Identify the important elements of the question and follow a structural approach in solving questions. Breaking down the content into simpler forms will simplify the question’s language. The paper may consist of complex questions that confuse you. A better approach you can follow is to categorize lengthy questions into smaller parts and then understand each sentence’s meaning before solving. This trick is recommended by GRE and GMAT experts.

2. To answer and not to answer is the question!

Read one question several times. Primary school teachers advised us in the past, but only toppers followed it. Determine what question is asking for? For instance, if it portrays a weak argument then there would be an option to strengthen the same. Before drawing any conclusion or writing an answer, make sure your solution is aligned with the questions. Examiners put such questions to confuse you and test your mental ability. So if you are aware of this trick, no one can stop you from achieving good grades. Remember that the same principle is followed in the Classification Reasoning questions too.

3. Re-phrasing passages into the simpler language

As mentioned above, before solving, simplifying language is a must. In this manner, you can easily understand the question and come to the correct conclusion. There are several irrelevant data present in the question which needs to be eliminated. Misleading data hampers your solving process and you will not get the appropriate solutions. Therefore, rephrase the passages and come to the correct answer.

4. Know what is asked in the question

Students are puzzled by complex questions and write any answer. As a result, they lose precious marks and golden opportunities to clear the examination. Before attempting any question, it is recommended to understand it and then approach it. Don’t take the wrong path and reach the wrong destination. Find the logical solutions for every question and deliver a supportive argument for it. To get more ideas about it you can practise questions available on the internet. It develops the understanding power and helps you in getting the appropriate answer.

Wrap up!

Questions won’t be easy in exams. You have limited time to solve each CR question and the above-mentioned tips and tricks will help candidates get the answer. Who, what, why, how and when are few indicators that help candidates solve CR questions. Whether you are applying for any examinations, just remember these tips to come to a correct conclusion. Don’t weaken your argument and present it with accurate facts and figures. Focus on keywords and fetch the correct solutions accordingly. One thing is for sure that if you follow these given tips, no one can stop you from achieving your target.


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