What is Steam Client WebHelper and How I Stop It

Steam is an online digital video game storefront. Steam Client WebHelper is software that helps to play on laptops like video games by buying or installing the game from the play store and web browser.
Steam Client WebHelperThe Steam Client WebHelper is the software front end for the steam online games store.  Steams like many other modern applications have a built-in web browser. This built-in web browser is called Steam Client WebHelper (“steam webhelper.exe”)… There are 7 instances of Steam Client WebHelper because, apparently, the Web needs a lot of Help.

At the time you launch Steam Client WebHelper, it normally launches multiple Web Helper processes in the background, we counted seven in number. Steam Client WebHelper is used to display the Steam Store and in your game Library. Mostly It is a complex piece of software with more moving parts. Some of them can be present in your task manager right alongside the main steam program. If you don’t know about steam, seeing a program called the “Steam Client Bootstrapper” might come off as a little strange word. So, it’s not the most user-friendly name.

If Steam is using too much memory? Then you can use the following steps to reduce:

In your, Computer Steam uses a lot of RAM, but you had no idea about that. There are some times that the steam uses around 400MB of your PC RAM and that can cause a problem if we don’t go around.

Reduce Steam RAM Usage:

We can reduce the memory usage by cut down the RAM usage from 400MB to 60MB. To get this done we have to remove the unwanted features in the favor of a client that runs smoothly on a low-powered PC.

Steam Client WebHelper

But what if you could get rid of Steam’s Web Helper processes? Well, you can—with a hidden command-line option.

Launching Steam without Steam WebHelper:

First, if you have opened steam, you need to close the steam by clicking steam<exit.

Launching Steam in this way, you’ll need to know the location of the steam.exe file on your PC. On a 64-bit Windows PC, it’s normally installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe by default. If you installed Steam to a different location, use that location in the command below instead.


Steam Client WebHelper

A launching Steam without the web browser components, you’ll need to launch Steam with the -no browser- command-line option. It’s also helpful to launch Steam in Small Mode, which you can normally access by clicking View > Small Mode in Steam.

Launching Steam with these options, to open the Run dialog press Windows+R. Copy-paste the following text into the Run dialog box (assume that you have installed steam in the default location) and press “Enter” or click “OK”

Steam Client WebHelper

Steam will launch in a small mode without any web browser components. If you observe at task manager


Steam Client WebHelper

  • If we click  View>Large mode to view the normal steam interface, then we observe only a message displaying that the steam browser is disabled.
  • when we click view>Small mode to view the steam, we observe the browser is enabled. In this steam web, helper processes will still be running in the background and we can’t see these Ram savings.


Steam Client WebHelper

If you are not satisfied with the changes from Webhelper is disabled, then don’t worry because there is a way to get the things run in the Right Direction.

Steam Client WebHelper


To Enter Steam to its Regular ways, click on Steam>Exit, and relaunch the tool.
TIP: The Steam Cleaner will help delete Steam cache & data left behind by gaming engines.

What is Steam WebHelper.exe?

The word .exe extension on the file name indicates an executable file. The executable files may cause harm in some cases to your computer.

Steam WebHelper.exe file information:Steam Client WebHelper


The file is not a Windows core file. The program is not visible. It can monitor applications and manipulate other programs.

Uninstalling this variant :

If u have any problems with steamwebhelper.exe, you can do the given following steps:

  1. Go to the support area of the steam-powered website.
  2. Uninstall the software steam or Terraria the Uninstall a program function of the windows control panel (Windows: start, settings, control panel, Uninstall a program).

Best Methods for Resolving Steam WebHelper Issues:

  • For Steam Client WebHelper Cleaning your hard drive using Cleanmgr and SFC/scan now
  • Uninstalling programs that you no longer need,
  • Checking for Auto-start programs using ms-config and Enabling Windows.
  • Automatic update
  • use the resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problems faced before.
  • Even for serious problems rather than re-installing windows, you are better off repairing your installation or for windows 8 and later versions, executing the DISM.exe/Online /cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. This allows you to repair the OS without losing data.

To Help you Analyze the Steam WebHelper.exe Process on Computer:

  1. Security Task Manager – It displays all the running tasks which are performing in windows, including Embedded hidden process, such as keyboard and browser monitoring.
  2. Malware bytes and anti-Malware-Detects and removes the trackers, key loggers, sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, and from your hard drive.

How to Remove WebHelper Virus:

Webhelper is malware that uses invasive techniques to initiate serious damage to the target systems. The virus unclear in its presence, so make sure you can scan your computer with PC repair software to get rid of every malicious component.

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