How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Post

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Post
How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Post

With over 2.6 month-to-month billion active users, Facebook is, doubtlessly, the most popular networking site on the planet. From leading donation drives to advance a nearby occasion, we use Facebook to fan out data quickly, regardless. Not just this these days all ages of people groups associating the companions and family members toss Facebook likewise, promoting all types of business through Facebook’s audiences. 

On account of Facebook’s consistently growing userbase, reconnecting with lost friends is a stroll in the park. However, with limitless visibility comes grave security concerns. Facebook’s “liberal” filtering system leaves you helpless against unchecked scorn, which downpours down as remarks on your public posts. Today, we’ll take you through every one of the standards and guidelines of Facebook comments, and hopefully, help you keep your record more hidden. Today we will share with you basic mistakes that business owners or entrepreneurs make while working with a Facebook ad platform.

How would I turn off the remarks on my posts on Facebook? 

Facebook doesn’t permit a person to kill remarks on their posts be it public or private. The element is accessible in gatherings, however, the stage is yet to declare this component for individual profiles. 

How might I keep a companion from remarking on my Facebook posts? 

On the off chance that you’re worried about posts alone, you could decide to add the client/clients to a custom avoidance list. To do as such, essentially tap on Companions Except prior to making a post and add the companion to the rundown. 

However, in case you’re considering barring a companion from all your public posts including profile pictures we lament to advise you that Facebook hasn’t turned on the component yet. It is without a doubt an exceptionally expected element, along these lines, it’s very puzzling to see Facebook deliberately ignoring. 

How to change who can remark on your public posts? 

Public posts, naturally, are for the general public’s viewing pleasure and response. Doesn’t make any difference in the event that they follow you or not, they are permitted to get on your posts and label whomever they see fit. Luckily, you can change who can remark on your public post. 

To do as such, first, click go to ‘Settings’ through an internet browser or versatile application. Presently, go to ‘Public posts. Step by step instructions to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Post

  1. Login into Facebook Account 
  2. Open Facebook menu 
  3. Open the Groups page and select the gathering
  4. Find the post
  5. Click on the three dots
  6. Click on the Turn off commenting

Login into Facebook Account:-

Initially, we will dispatch the Facebook application. By doing this, we will straightforwardly arrive at the News Feed page. However, in the event that we are not signing in, we need to enter the username, telephone number, and email address, trailed by the secret key in the given tab. 

Open Facebook menu:-

After login ineffectively, we will open the Facebook menu by tapping on the menu symbol situated at the lower-right corner of the Facebook page.

Open the Groups page and select the gathering:-

Presently, we will tap on the Groups to open the Groups page. This page contains every one of the gatherings which we have made or joined previously. From this page, we will choose the gathering from where we need to leave.

Find the post:-

Presently, you can find the post.

Click on the three dots:-

We will open the rundown of alternatives containing the “Mood killer remarking” by tapping on the three dots situated at the upper right corner of the post.

Click on the Turn off commenting:-

Presently, we will tap on the Turn off remarking alternative to kill remarks on the post. This snap will effectively empower the Turn off remarking highlight on the Facebook post. 

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