5 Aiming Tips for Instant Improvement in Valorant!

Instant Improvement in Valorant is a first-person shooter game, meaning that a very big portion of your winning depends on your shooting skills. One might say the different hero characters in the game have unique abilities that make up for shooting. That is only partially true because even those abilities need you to have good aiming to hit your target.

So, use the next few minutes to discover five tips that will dramatically boost your aiming skills in this article. Also, grab some Exclusive Valorant Hacks to use if you ever face any tight corners in Valorant.

5 Tips to help you improve your aiming in valorant

1. Use the different types of aim well

There are three different types of aim. They are Flicking aim, pre-aiming, and tracking aim. Of the three types, many players use only one, which is flicking aim. Valorant requires much pre aiming, a little tracking aim, and little or no flicking aim.

The pre-aiming requires you to know the placement of your crosshair, then track your aim to the head. The flick aiming helps you finish off a neat shot and flick to the next enemy target. 

2. Avoid fire spraying and spamming

Some scenarios in the game leave players in a fierce gunfight with a big bunch of enemies. More often, this happens with the players just armed with a pistol. The seemingly dire situation makes players resort to spraying gunfire in a frantic effort to stay alive. 

The disadvantage of this is that it makes you lose aim and waste more ammo in the process. Eventually, reducing your kills in the process. In such situations, you should take your time to get good crosshair placement, disregarding the obvious danger. You’ll still die eventually. So, why not take your time to die appropriately and happily with as many enemies as you can kill?

3. Get your crosshair placement right

You cannot talk about aiming in Valorant without making mention of the crosshair. It is the most important aspect of your shooting, aiming, and precision. Importantly, your crosshair has to be centered on the screen, further minimizing the amount of movement you’ll need to make to get a good aim at enemies.

Some players run around with their crosshairs lost in the sky or on the ground. Such players will need more effort to get the crosshair on the target, eventually getting some blows before aiming. The best practice is to keep your crosshair at head level at all times. It helps you to get quick headshots, further increasing your number of kills at the shortest possible time.

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4. Be consistent with your settings

Valorant has gameplay that takes a slower pace than most shooter games. So, you have to be consistent with whatever setting you play with while you’re trying to improve your aim. Different settings require a specific amount of movement to execute different actions. Staying consistent allows you to develop muscle memory that makes it possible to make some in-game actions without thinking accurately. 

5. Practice counter strafing

When you’re running in a particular direction, there are occasions when an enemy just pops into view. Counter strafing means that you stop moving immediately and get the best possible shot before running for cover. 

The quickest way to stop your movement is by pressing the button that takes you in the opposite direction. For instance, pressing D helps you to stop if you are running with the A button. You may not use this technique often while at lower ranks, but get ready to employ it as you climb the ranks because you will face more exhausting duels.


The tips above are as good as useless if you don’t give in the required practice time. Your aiming in any game, including valorant, gets better with consistent practice and repetition. The practice makes you get better, while the repetition helps you to develop the required muscle memory for some actions.

Like we earlier stated, your crosshair holds a major part to play in your aiming and precision. So make sure it isn’t moving too quickly, and always keep it at head level. Moreover, keeping it small and consistent helps to reduce distractions.

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