Top qualities of the best escape rooms

best escape rooms

Escape room games are increasingly becoming popular around the world. And, because there is this increased popularity, you can now find a wide range of new escape rooms. There are many opportunities to use these new escape rooms, but you should always make sure that you sign up with reputable suppliers. 

Remember that there are good chances of experiencing a low-budget rip off or high-production escape room. This makes it crucial to look out for some signs that show that you are getting a great deal. This article discusses the top qualities of the best escape rooms. 

The presence of helpful clues 

Any good escape room game needs to have good clues that are a major key to any high quality escape room. Clues are not there to solve puzzles for you. However, these clues must not leave your team stranded, especially when you require that extra push.

It’s worth noting that a good clue can assist your team to be on the right path when you fail to find the way out. But a good clue should not tell you everything you need to do. There is always a thin line between being not helpful enough and too helpful.   


A good escape game must have a theme. A theme helps you identify your goal for playing an escape game. While you need to have fun playing an escape game, a theme can help you know why you are playing it. The good thing about an escape game is that there is always a feeling that you are participating in an alternative reality.

An escape room in Portland Oregon can assist you to be part of the story and even act in your real-life movie. Thankfully, high-quality escape rooms know this and can bring lots of fun and exciting themes that give you the best experience.

Aside from having a good theme, good escape rooms offer several themes at their places. Most escape room locations tend to have at least three themes you can choose from or even more depending on the location. The good news is that there are a variety of themes out there that can meet your needs. 

Functional clues and games

This should be a straightforward thing for any escape game. If the clues in your escape game don’t make sense or don’t work, then it can be a sign that there is something wrong with the escape game. 

Also, clues don’t have to be hard or complex like you are working on complex equations or randomly answering questions. The whole functionality of escape rooms can be based on sequences of clues that you need to solve. This means that you need to find a solution for your escape, so clues can be useful. 

You should always consider these factors before signing up for an escape room to make sure that you have the required professional experience. The good thing is that there are many reliable escape room suppliers on the market you can choose from.

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