5 Best and Smart Uses of USB Drive for Laptop & Desktop

Generally, we all use USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive) to transfer files between the devices or to keep a backup of files. Apart from using a USB Flash Drive to transport your data, it has certain other usages to make your work smart and easy. So today we are here to let you know some extra and uncommon uses of USB Drive.


Best Uses of a USB Device

If you have got an old  USB drive lying around, here are some of the ways you can put your drive to use.

1. Use a USB Flash Drive to Lock/Unlock Your PC

You can use a USB Flash Drive to lock/unlock the computer. You may be amazed to hear this, but this is possible. You can use the PREDATOR tool for the same. This is a free tool. This tool turns a USB flash drive into an access control device, a key for your computer.

Uses of USB Drive

When you leave your PC or stops working on it, unplug the USB stick and your computer will be locked. When you plug it back your computer will be unlocked. It is like the lock function in Windows with the benefit that there is no need to type your password again and again. You can download PREDATOR tool for Windows.

2. Run Portable Apps

Generally, to use any software, you have to install it first. But for portable apps installing is not a necessary process. To use portable apps/games, you can copy them in USB Flash Drive instead of installing them in the system. This usually works with a 32-bit or 64-bit PC. Browsers, email tools, messaging apps, games, etc. can be run from a USB flash drive.

3. Boost the speed of your system

If you have a slow hard disk drive in your computer or laptop then ReadyBoost can help to speed up the performance. When you will enable ReadyBoost for a drive, it starts working as a hard drive cache. The computer works faster to read from the USB drive instead of your Hard Drive. You will notice files will open up fastly.

To enable ReadyBoost,

1. Right-click on the USB stick in Windows Explorer.

2. Select Properties and find the ReadyBoost tab there and click on it.

Note: ReadyBoost requires a flash drive with at least 256 MB of free space in it.

4. Run an alternate Operating System

Many different versions of Linux like Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux, Xubuntu are available for free and can be run completely via USB Flash Drive. It simply means you can effectively operate a whole computer system packed on to a portable disk.

Uses of USB Drive

You can take the USB Device with you wherever you go, along with saved files and installed apps, and plug it into any computer to pick up again from where you left off.

5. Work securely on a remote computer

When you are away from your computer and want to use the Internet on an unknown PC, then also USB Flash Drive can help you to continue your work safely.


Democrakey is a portable privacy suite that can keep your data and information safe. It ensures your security and anonymity while browsing the internet. Democrakey offers a number of handy applications that you can store and run from your USB drive. It includes the Tor Browser (for anonymous web browsing), Clamwin (to check for viruses), AbiWord (to read Word documents), Thunderbird Portable (with pre-installed add-ons to send anonymous email), and TrueCrypt (for file encryption).

If you want to make Bootable Pendrive for Windows 7/8/10, you can do this with the help of our previous article.

Final Words on 

These are some uncommon uses of USB Drive that will help you to perform your work on your system in a more organized, secure, and smart manner. So guys go ahead and use your USB Drive smartly instead of just keeping it to take movies and files from your friends or colleagues. If you know some other uses of USB Drive then please leave a comment below so that we can add that too to our list.

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