Six Best iPhone apps for a better business meeting experience

We all love apps – for computers, tablet devices, and mobiles. Today, businesses worldwide have started using meeting tools and applications and found them to be incredibly helpful. There are five kinds of business meeting applications – communication, planning, feedback, virtual meeting, and everything beyond. So, we decided to do some research, and based on that, we have taken the time and effort to find some of the Best iPhone apps users to enjoy a seamless business meeting experience.

In all honesty, a lot of these apps may have overlapping functionalities and similar features. Many of them may not even meet your needs. Still, there will definitely be one app, which will cater to the specific issues that you may be facing regarding the problems of a business meeting, both during and after a meeting occurs.

As a general rule of thumb, an application should simplify your work and not add to unnecessary clutter. Here is a list of some of the best mobile apps that you need to cater to a better business meeting experience. Let us get started and address them one by one.


At times, scheduling a meeting can be quite a daunting task, especially with the endless emails and the phone calls running back and forth. But, guess what? With the Doodle app on your phone, this function can be simplified to another level.

One of the most straightforward scheduling applications, Doodle, enables you to collectively poll all the participants to decide on what meeting time works best for them. With this meeting organizer, you can send messages about the meeting and several options via platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Then the candidate will cast one or more votes for the suitable time and date. The Doodle organizer will employ this information, fix a date and time, and then send a message to all the candidates to confirm this time and date. Even the invitees who do not have this app can use its web version. Stanley, an educator who works with TFTH and offers finance homework help, says that they regularly use the Doodle app for scheduling meetings at his company.


So, many people have called Evernote the best application for taking notes. Well, we won’t lie; we love the application too. On Evernote, you can get a bunch of smart templates, which can make your meetings a lot more productive, such as Project plans, Meeting Agenda, Timelines, and others. You can use the application to share notes of the meetings, present your documents in the form of slides, or check off topics discussed as you progress through the meeting. This application is helpful for both individuals and teams. Regardless, it will boost your productivity.


It is indeed one of the largest competitors when it comes to the video conferencing market. Since Skype is a Microsoft product, you can easily integrate it with multiple other Microsoft packages to simplify your task.

You can use the Skype for Business feature, which is available at no cost and can accommodate up to 25 people in a meeting. However, for a larger corporation, a premium version of the application may be needed. The app has plans, which can help you unlock several capabilities and features, which enable you to host bigger meetings.

Daisy, an associate with TAE who offers online statistics assignment help services, says that while we were in Quarantine during the pandemic working from home, our office conducted all their meetings on Skype, and it was a great experience.


Wish to ace one of those big meetings? Well, now you can with this phenomenal mobile app, Accompany. The application does all the research work for you. Before the meeting, it will email you a little brief, which will have a summary of every person in the meeting. In addition to it, there will be other vital information that you may need. Accompany fetches all the information by scouting through the social media, calendar, and email accounts. It also performs a quick online search. Accompany is like the personal secretary you never had, mocks Chris, an online java tutor. 

Google Calendar

 An obvious entry in the list, Google Calendar is a must-have app on your phone. After the meeting’s date and time are set, you can log the same on the Google Calendar and set a reminder. It will remind you in advance whenever you have a meeting, so you do not get late for it.


It is a great application for video conferencing. You can use it to hold meetings across all platforms and operating systems. The app is also compatible with tablets and iPad. With the application, you get HD video quality and very crisp and sharp audio. It is easy to download and install.

So, these are the top six best iPhone apps for a seamless business meeting experience. If you have any favorites, do let us know in the comment box below.

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