How Cloud-Based Software Benefits Nail Salons

A large percentage of small businesses have hopped on the bandwagon that is a cloud-based software. With your internet connection, the POS software allows you to save and view information stored in the cloud. Cloud-based software removes the need for the more expensive traditional software and leaves you with a highly functional and efficient software.

According to POSQuote.Com, Cloud-based software has many advantages for your nail salon ranging from low cost to improved efficiency. This article has outlined several benefits cloud-based software offers your salon and why you should join the bandwagon.

What is a Cloud-Based Software?

Cloud-based software describes a computing service that allows you to access several applications for a small token. These services range from storage to networking to applications and even processing power. Cloud-based software may feature public, private, or hybrid deployment.

How Does Cloud-Based Software Operate?

Cloud-based software allows you to access different applications stored on remote servers. The software is split into the back end and front end, each with its function. The front-end portion grants you access to stored data via an internet browser.

The back-end stores data and information securely. It is composed of many servers, databases, computers, and central servers. Central servers are responsible for aiding operations via protocols.

With cloud-based software, you get to eliminate the extra cost of traditional software and improve your salon efficiency. Cloud-based software allows you to access information and data from remote locations rather than constraining you to a particular physical location.

What Do I Gain By Using Cloud-Based Software for My Salon Business?

As we stated earlier, there is a lot you stand to gain by using cloud-based software for your nail salon. Perhaps the unique advantage is it allows you to access your stored data whenever and wherever you want to, provided you have an internet connection.

There is also the fact that you no longer have to worry about incompatibility issues between your computer’s OS and locally installed software. Cloud-based software eliminates all the usual information technology issues you face with traditional software. We shall discuss the benefits of using cloud-based software in your nail salon; read on.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software for Your Nail Salon?

The benefits of using cloud-based software for your salon are inexhaustible. However, we have compiled five of them.

  • Reduced Cost – the cost involved is not as high as that of traditional software. After the cloud-based software is installed, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee to access stored applications and data. You will no longer need to install software, pay for adding updates, or bother about software incompatibility.
  • Unrestricted Availability – you have access to your data and information at every point of the day regardless of where you are. You can remotely track the activities in your salon.
  • Added Functionality – cloud-based software gives you so much more Functionality. You have access to all the applications you need to run your salon successfully. It also provides you with increased storage capacity. All your data is stored in a central location.
  • Security – cloud-based software offers you enhanced security for your data and information. All your resources are stored in a secure remote database; this way, you won’t lose your data even if your hardware is destroyed or stolen.
  • Easy management – you are not required to have any knowledge of IT technology to operate the cloud-based software. The cloud provider manages cloud updates, management, and maintenance. The automatic updates done by the cloud provider allow you to channel your time and energy to other aspects of your business.

What Should I Check for When Choosing a Cloud-Based Software for My Nail Salon?

Now that you’re convinced that you need a cloud-based software, it is time to learn all you should know about selecting one.  An excellent cloud-based management system will not require a long-term contract, offering a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go agreement instead.

It’s vital that the software allows you to maintain ownership of your information, including clients, and let you take all of your data with you to decide to leave.

Avoid salon software that seeks to own your clients. Most times, merely by signing up, you grant this software access to your client list. We advise that you read the terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid this. You’ve worked too hard to build your clientele to let your competitors solicit them.

Some of the things to consider when picking out cloud-based software are:

  • The software must be designed to suit nail salons’ needs – you should consider choosing a cloud-based software that suits the peculiar workflow of nail salons. The information collated must be quickly and efficiently dispatched to your staff when needed.

The selected cloud-based software should make your work easier and improve the efficiency of your nail salon.

  • Select one that gives you free access to your account any time and anywhere on any internet-enabled device. The easy access allows you to monitor your schedule, book appointments, send communications, and check your inventory from the location.
  • Your proposed Cloud-based nail salon software should grant data access permissions. In this way, you can keep certain details of your business private and, at the same time, grant your staff access to view their schedules and other relevant data.
  • Choose a cloud-based software that allows your customers to schedule appointments online with their device via the link on your website, Facebook business page, or via your mobile app.
  • Lookout for cloud-based software that provides a free trial. The free trial allows you to test that it suits all your business’s needs. Search for software that provides unlimited training and technical support that comes with the service at no additional cost.

What are Some Cloud-based Nail Salon Software Available?

There are several cloud-based software that would be perfect for your nail salon. Choosing one from the numerous available options can be stressful. Therefore, we have come up with a list of some of them to help you decide.

Phorest Salon Software.

Phorest is a cloud-based software designed specifically to suit the needs of nail salons. Using Phorest, you can manage your nail salon from any device, iPhone, Android, or laptop.

Features of Phorest Software

  • It allows your customers’ book appointments via your website link, social media platform, and mobile app. With this salon Software, you run a lower risk of booking double appointments. The app comes equipped with great features to give your customers a memorable experience.
  • The Phorest Salon software allows you to customize your very own nail salon app. Your customers can view your contact information, book appointments, and many more.
  • With Phorest Go, you can check out your customers from any convenient position.
  • Phorest offers you the chance to make a profound impact on your customers. It makes customer service top-notch. The software stores customer data and makes it available to you whenever you want. The analysis of this data can help you understand your customers and how to add value.
  • It comes with inbuilt marketing tools for your nail salon. The marketing tools help you design message templates from scratch.

Belliata Cloud-based Software for Nail Salon

The Belliata Salon software comes with several inbuilt functions to give your nail salon the extra boost. With this software, you can manage salon marketing, inventory, and so much more. The Belliata software is free and is used in over 25 countries.


  • It allows you to schedule all appointments. You even have the luxury of color-coding appointments. The nail salon POS can be used to track and manage your inventory. With this software, you can track your staff sales from the comfort of anywhere.
  • It comes with appointment reminders for reminding clients when their appointment is close. The reminders may be via emails, texts, websites, etc. So, you build your brand reliability and increase your profit margin.
  • The Belliata Salon software allows you to access your account anytime, as long as there is an internet connection.

Rosy Salon Software

The Rosy salon software uses the cloud-based software model of software as a service. The software improves the productivity of your nail salon.


  • Convenient custom booking.
  • Allows you to communicate with customers to remind them of their appointments. The communication can be done via voice call, text, email, website, etc.
  • You can access your data and stay committed to your nail salon.
  • It lets you market your products to your customers.


Cloud-based software is the rave of the moment. It allows you access and monitors your data from anywhere provided your device is internet enabled. Using cloud-based software for your nail salon improves your salon’s productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. We have listed the benefits of cloud-based software; go ahead and implement it to enjoy the benefits.

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