How to Upgrade RAM on Laptop [Full Tutorial Added]

If you have any desktop computer or laptop, you must know the importance of RAM in the system.

Sometimes, we buy a system with a low RAM and then we realize that we might buy a higher version of the laptop or computer system.

But, if you have only a RAM issue, we are going to solve it with your current PC or Laptop. So, we are here to guide you on how to increase RAM.


How To Upgrade RAM on Laptop or Desktop Computer

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory or Ram is Physical hardware which used inside a Computer system that stores temporary data located on the motherboard.increase-laptop-ram-upgrade-memory

The main work of a RAM is to provide fast read and write access to a storage device. RAM is also beneficial to load data fastly in comparison to a hard drive.

Ram is volatile, which means if the power goes off then the stored information is lost.

How to Check what RAM I have?

There are many methods from which you can check your current Ram slot ar used or how much it is empty. Let’s check our first method.


# Method 1

You need to follow these steps:

  • Open task manager ( press Windows Key from keyboard and type “Task Manager” and press enter or you can easily open Task Manager by shortcut keys (Ctrl + Shift + Esc key)
  • Select the ” Performance ” tab. on the left side, click on Memory.
  • Now there are lots of information related to your system, in that you will see information about your RAM, check “Slot Used” 1 of 4, 2 of 4. where 4 is your maximum no. of a slot.

# Method 2

  • Visit and search Speccy or simply visit the Speccy site.
  • Now simply download and install the application.
  • In the dashboard you can see lots of option is there, just click n RAM category
  • There you can see all the available details which you want to know: Total slots, used slots, Free slots.
  • Now you can decide how much of RAM stick You want.

How to choose RAM?

When it comes to Laptop/Desktop performance, RAM plays an important role in it.

Choosing a better RAM while upgrading your system is still a difficult task, you have to do a comparison between the best RAM available on the market.

Firstly, you must know for what purpose you upgrading your RAM Gaming, Bulky Software or etc because every type of RAM has its own importance.

Nowadays the most common Computer memory is DDR4 which is an advanced version of SDRAM which transfers double data in comparison to DDR3 SDRAM.

Can You Upgrade a Laptop RAM?

This is very easy to check that you can upgrade your RAM or not. You can find it through your motherboard details on the internet or you can download the Crucial System Scanner tool.

You just have to download the tool and the testing process will start in the browser automatically.

This tool gives you full information of your RAM i.e how much ram is currently used in a system, how much slots is present, how much you can upgrade at one place. You can also  try mirror your android screen to PC

How Much RAM Do You Need?

2 GB: This is the minimum requirement for any system. You can do basic document work without any problem but if you are thinking to do multiple tasks then it is impossible it depends upon your work that what type of multiple tasking you are doing.

You can’t do high office productivity work with bulky software. If you think that you can use multiple chrome browser then this is your misunderstanding about RAM.

4 GB: This will handle an average user’s task which allows you to give some smoothness to your work. Such as Browsing, e-mail easily.

Windows 10 laptop came with min 4 GB of RAM which is necessary to give a smooth response.

4Gb ram is also not suitable for playing a game such as Pubg, or any other game it will be laggy and annoying.

8 GB: This is suitable for all purposes. you can handle 30 + tabs in chrome without any lag. Most of the Pc game required at least 8 GB of RAM it can handle multiple commands without any issue.

In spite of this, you can do programming also without any interruption or you can do your office work such Ms word, ms excel.

8+ GB: This RAM capacity is perfect for hardcore gamers and high-end multimedia users. You can run any software without any problem. Whatever the new technology came to market this user can adapt without any upgrade.

What happens when RAM is full?

If the RAM is full, your computer will slow all the process which you want to perform such as browsing, video editing, and many things. even the software will not work properly it will always show an error. when RAM is full then the computer starts using Hard Disk which will make your system slower to access just because of an overflow of the memory. You can also check Funny linux commands.

How to Find Out the Maximum RAM Capacity for Your Computer

This is very simple to check the maximum capacity of RAM you just have to perform some steps.

  • Just open the Crucial website.
  • Enter your lappy details or simply run the scanner tool.
  • It just takes a few seconds to give you a result.
  • Here you can check maximum RAM for you Lappy + You can check maximum no. of slots

Will more RAM make your laptop faster?

Extra RAM doesn’t harm your laptop/desktop but you have to choose that for what purpose I am installing new RAM?

As I said earlier if the system uses the full amount of RAM of your Laptop/Desktop.

The system uses HDD to load the application or files. if an application has enough free RAM to run, adding more will not make it faster but if any application needs more RAM which is present in the system then, of course, Extra RAM speeds up that application.

How To Upgrade RAM on Laptop?

  • Firstly Shut down your computer as you do regularly.
  • Unplug all the cable or Ethernet cable because is now the use of these cables.
  • Now Remove the battery if the battery is above panel Like the below image. or if it is attached to the panel then remove all the screws and put them in one place.
  • Check the Ram where it is located (see image below) now remove the clamps carefully which is attached to the RAM after releasing the clamps RAM will Pop up automatically at the 45° angle and kept the old RAM at one side. upgrade-ram-memory-size-laptop
  • Now take your new RAM carefully and make sure you touch only the grip of the stick and at the 45° angle put it at the same place as the old one.
  • Once you insert the RAM correctly clamps will automatically lock the ram.
  • Now the RAM is installed successfully.

Conclusion on How to Upgrade RAM on Laptop – Increase RAM Size

I hope you get your solution here if you find any difficulties to Upgrade Ram on Laptop then feel free to share your Question in the comment box. This is the simplest way which I explained in detail hope you like it. Suggestions always welcome.

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