How to Enable ‘Take a Break’ Reminder on YouTube

Take a Break YouTube: YouTube is the world’s largest video publishing and streaming platform. Almost every other individual is using YouTube for watching educational as well as entertainment videos. YouTube has recently launched a new feature called Take a Break Reminder on YouTube to limit the watching time on YouTube. This is especially for persons who are addicted to YouTube and spend too much time watching YouTube videos.


YouTube Parental Controls – Take a Break Reminder

The main motive behind Take a Break on YouTube feature is to help everyone understand their tech usage, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits. If you are also a guy who spent too much time on YouTube and needs external reminders for keeping your usage limited, then you should definitely try YouTube’s Take a Break feature. Overall, this feature is the new one under YouTube parental controls.

How to Enable YouTube’s Take a Break Feature

There are two methods to enable take a break feature on YouTube. You can do this either on official or its Android or iOS app. You need to follow the below steps to add a reminder on YouTube:

Step 1: Open YouTube and click on the Profile icon located at the top right corner of your app.


Step 2: Now click on Setting option as shown in below screenshot.


Step 3: Now, tap on the General tab.


Step 4: You will see an option named as Remind me to take a break. Click on it.


Step 4: A popup will appear where you can select the time limit after which you want the reminder to appear. The minimum limit is 5 minutes and the maximum goes till 23 hours 55 minutes. Once you are done with setting the time, click on Ok.


That’s it. Once you will turn on Remind me to take a break option, YouTube will prompt a reminder if you will watch YouTube for that much time. Your video will pause at that interval. You will also see the option to change your settings or dismiss and keep watching.


Most of the times you have to hand over your mobile phones to your kids. In such cases, it is a good idea to use YouTube’s Parental Controls. There are various YouTube parental controls over YouTube Android and iOS app, we have written all of them on our website.

Final Words on YouTube’s Take a Break feature

Hope this article proved helpful for you. ‘Take a Break’ Reminder on YouTube is really a very good and helpful feature. YouTube could be the first app that will remind its users to stop watching after binge-watching videos for a long period of time. YouTube’s Take a Break feature is available on versions 13.17+ of the YouTube app on mobile phones.

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