How to Connect a PS4 Controller to a Chromebook

How to Connect a Ps4 Controller to a Chromebook: Today, we’ll show how to attach a PlayStation 4 controller to your Chromebook. This article can assist you in setting up a PS4 controller on a Windows, Mac, or Android smartphone. This procedure is quite simple and doesn’t take very long. Because Chromebooks have the same capability as a standard laptop but at a lower cost, they are becoming increasingly popular among gamers. Unfortunately, you must attach a controller to your Chromebook to play games on it. The good news is that there are a few ways to connect a PS4 controller to a Chromebook; all you have to do is figure out which one suits your needs and your gaming preferences best.

Steps to Connect Ps4 Controller to Chromebook

  1. Utilize a USB cord to link your Chromebook and PS4 controller.
  2. On your Chromebook, launch the Chrome web store app.
  3. Look for and download the “PS4 Remote Play” app.
  4. When you launch it after installation, a screen demonstrating how to pair the Controller will appear.

What is a Chromebook with PS4 Remote Play?

What is a Chromebook with PS4 Remote Play?

The PlayStation 4 Remote Play Chromebook software was just released by Sony’s largest corporation, whereas the PlayStation 4 Remote Play app is only accessible for Xperia handsets. Then you must root your device if you wish to install “PS4 Remote Play” on a non-Xperia device. If you already own a Sony Xperia smartphone, you can use the PS4 Remote Play Chromebook without having to root it.

Chromebook Remote Play for PS4

The PS4 Remote Play software is offered by Sony on the Google Play Store, however, it is only officially supported by Xperia gadgets. However, a lot of developers have succeeded in altering apks so that you can use them with other incompatible gadgets. But to install the mod apks on your smartphone, you must break some regulations. When you violate the regulations to install mod apps on your smartphone, there is some risk involved. Because your device’s “Unknown Sources” options must be enabled.

This enables the installation of third-party apps on your device that are not virus-free apps. You accept this at your own risk. You must first launch the Settings app on Android and select the “Security” category for this to function. Make “Unknown sources” active. You will then be able to download the modified Remote Play app from sources other than Google Play. After the app has been successfully installed, you might want to disable this setting.

How to Play Ps4 on Chromebook with HDMI

You must have considered it at least once. Because if you can do that, you can configure your PS4 experience while you’re on the go. It’s a good idea to bring your Chromebook and PS4. Most often, we assumed that because our Chromebooks don’t have a lot of advanced connectivity options, they are only good for casual office work and web browsing. And this can be misleading, with a few tweaks and accessories you can use your Chromebooks for PS4 console gaming.

Steps to Connect PS4 to Chromebook with HDMI

  1. Dual-HDMI Connector
  2. Male video adapter
  3. DVI and Female DVI-D
  4. Stable Internet Connection
  5. Chrome book
  6. PS4

1. Setup Display

The key step in setting up a PS4 on a Chromebook is this one. As is well known, an HDMI connection is necessary for a PS4 setup display. Chromebooks differ significantly from standard Windows laptops. Even though there aren’t many Chromebooks with an HDMI port built-in, they do support a one-way connection. That implies you can only attach one device to it and deliver the data to an output display.

And for HDMI ports to function, PS4 needs dual functionality. To accomplish this, you must attach the male DVI adapter and the female DVI-D to the HDMI port on the Chromebook. As a result, your Chromebook’s HDMI port will change, making it simple to connect a PS4 to it. Remember to purchase a high-quality DVI cable to ensure proper signal transmission and a fluid gaming experience. You shouldn’t be concerned if your Chromebook lacks an HDMI port. An alternative is to utilize a type-c hub.

2. Setup Sound connection

It is similar to watching a movie without a solid storyline to playing a game without sound. Without experiencing the action of noises, you won’t get the most out of your game. It should go without saying that noisy surroundings interfere with your ability to focus and immerse yourself in a game. Therefore, set things up before you sit in your chair.

You often connect your speakers or headsets to a PC or led audio hub when using a PS4. When using a Chromebook to play PS4 games, you must plug the sound output into the PS4 audio input. Because it’s regularly observed that the Chromebook, for some reason, prevents sound playback when the PS4 is connected.

3. Connect PS4 Controller

Connect PS4 Controller

The PS4 controller can be connected quite easily. You may easily attach a wireless controller to your Chromebook using the Bluetooth settings. Simply plug your wired Dualshock PS4 controller into the Chromebook’s USB port if you have one. All you will need to connect the controller is a standard micro-USB cord. Restart the PS4 after a successful pairing, then look for any issues.

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