A Guide To Starting A Marketing Business in 2023

If you have always had an interest in marketing and the world of SEO, you may have always wanted to start a marketing business. 

There are many ways to do this in 2023; you can set up as a sole trader or as someone who is self employed. Or, you can go bigger and aim to set up a marketing business.

Of course, the key issue you will face is likely to be scaling; for hiring more people, you will need more things to set up, and, as a result, it is likely to cost a bit more than setting up as an SEO expert by yourself. 

So, when setting up a marketing business in 2023, what do you need? Read on to find out!

Office-Yay or Nay?

Starting with the most basic issue, if you have a marketing team, where are they going to work? Are you going to need to rent a space from a company like The Brew, or are you going to allow your team to work remotely?

For the sake of cost, it can seem that allowing your team to work remotely is a better idea, but for some people, having an office space can allow you to better oversee the work that is being done and is a better place for productivity.

Business Plan

Even a marketing business will need a plan, especially if you are going to be taking a loan out from the bank to help start it up. Who are you going to be helping with your business? Cafés? Dental surgeries? It is better to be specific.

So, make sure your business objectives, your target market, your projections, and your pricing structure are all highlighted, as this will serve as a roadmap for your team.

A Team

Speaking of your team, who are you going to hire?

You will need to assemble a team of diverse and talented people to cover all areas of marketing, such as graphic designers for the websites you are going to be overseeing, an SEO expert, a project management team, and a set of copywriters. 

Financial Management

When setting up a business of any sort, you will need to establish a clear plan for your start-up costs, monthly expenses, and projected revenue. This will ensure that you have enough resources to operate without having to scrimp and will allow you to pass on any savings to your clients, thus helping you to establish a client base.

Legal Bits!

Now, on to the boring bit! If you are going to run a marketing business, this will involve managing clients, contracts, and staff. So, you are going to need to ensure that the contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and privacy statements are all above board. It is good to contact an employment-based legal professional to oversee this for you, as they can also be listed as your legal advice should something go wrong with the business, meaning you and your team will always be protected and will have someone to represent you.

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