Feel-good content at marketing strategies

Nowadays, all we face are challenges. It touches upon some problems, difficulties, and issues to deal with. We’re busy, we lack time, and there are so few things that make us truly happy. Marketing is one of those things that makes people loaded – there are so many offers today, and we’re confused about how many people want us to buy something. So how to turn this situation into a benefit?

What is content marketing?

Let’s start with essentials. Content marketing refers to using the information (in a broad sense) through different channels to make people interested in what a company offers. If you’re wondering how to apply this approach, the Belkins’ company offers many solutions for your meaningful content marketing. Usually, people apply it through social media, mailing, blogging, etc. 

The main difficulty when you plan your content marketing campaign, you have to build everything from scratch. Everything depends on your offer specificity, target audience, what channels you want to use, and even what political environment you have in your region. So the efficiency of your campaign depends on how carefully you analyzed all these aspects before planning. 

Feel-good content definition

As the name suggests, feel-good content is a piece of information given by a text, a picture, a video, or a soundtrack that makes you feel better and happier. Using this content helps the one who shares and the one who perceives feel good, so provides both parties of this indirect communication with positive emotions.

How to apply feel-good things

The main difficulty in finding a good solution for the feel-good content is that people have various things that make them feel better. This is where the data for ICP and buyer personas will be helpful. Keep the following order: 

  1. Think about the problems and challenges a person could feel.
  2. Select the most common for your audience.
  3. Create content that will make people think that everything is possible to solve. 

To make it more productive from the point of view of the sales performance, integrate information about how your product or service solves the possible problems. But make it as positive as you can.

Another point to follow is a genuine desire to help. Even if you don’t add any promotional message to the post you make or email you send, there should be a transfer of some very positive ideas, personalized as much as possible. Thus, it helps you build steady relations with the potential clientele, as they memorize you well and want to feel those positive emotions again.

In general, using feel-good content in your marketing strategy is a nice way to enhance all the means and resources you use. While your competitors just try to convince people to buy, use the element of surprise. Send a positive message that is primarily optimistic and encouraging, and only after this – selling. Use it rare but apt and then it brings the best results. And if you want the shining results, invite the Belkins professionals to make it show up even faster.

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