5 Best Workout Apps & Free Fitness Tracker Apps for Android

Best Workout Apps to Get in Shape: In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is a little difficult to maintain fitness. The routine of some people is becoming such harsh that they don’t get the time to focus on their health. While some peoples are completely passive with their fitness. In such cases, it is very necessary to have complete knowledge of exercise as well as food and its quantity one should intake to maintain health and fitness.


Free Fitness Tracker Apps for Android

If you are not capable of affording the expense of a fitness trainer or you don’t like to wear a fitness tracker then you can take the help of health apps. We have collected a list of really good fitness and workout apps that will help you to protect your body from mis-catering as well as wrong exercises.

Best Workout Apps for Android

1. Endomondo – Running & Walking

This is one of the most popular and top-rated fitness tracking and personal training app. It is having the facility to track running, walking, cycling, in addition to 60+ other sports using GPS. You can have a watch on your time, distance, pace/speed, calories, etc. in the workout summary.


The best thing is that you will get audio feedback on distance and speed for every mile/km. Other than these features, it is capable of giving information about heart rate.


You can use this app with the fitness band as well. You can get a summary of the complete training process by using this app. It will help you to analyze the workout. This workout app is available for both Android as well as iOS users.

2. Health Pal – Fitness, Weight loss coach, Pedometer

Health Pal helps you to keep up your body healthy and fit. It records and manages your daily activities like walking, exercises, calories, water consumption to have a healthy lifestyle. With the help of a Pedometer, you can have a watch on step counts, distance, and calories consumed per day. It is having the feature of a built-in real-time Pedometer as well as manual step counts.


Health Pal has a new additional feature to show water and diet reminders. It gives you the reminder as per the time you have set. It also gives you the notification to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. You can on/off health reminders as per your choice.


It also has a daily weight tracking feature, that helps in controlling the weight. Even you will also get BMI, energy consumed, blood volume, and alcohol calculator in Health Pal. It also gives you real-time status and Health reports of your daily Health-related activities. You can download the app from the Google Play Store.

3. Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

This is also one of the good workout apps to track weight loss and daily activities. Until your phone is with you, this app will track your all activities. To see the history of your activities, you have to open the Trends Tab in the app.


If you want to participate in any challenge for fitness, then you can go to the Explore Tab. You will also get a Plan Tab in the app, where you will get an exercise chart for your health goal. For tracking your weight you have to go to Me Tab.


There is no need to login to use this app. It has a built-in Pedometer that tracks your walk distance, active time(walking, jogging, running), and calories burned using 24/7 step counting. It encourages you for outdoor activities. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

4. Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

It is one of the gym exercise apps for the guys who are too concerned about their fitness. It is a good fitness tracker that gives the facility to record the route and map in addition to analyzing the running. There are three ways of fitness tracking in it.


In Record routes, Track running and Analyze, you will get the facility to count swim pace, cycle speed, calorie burnt in addition to tracking the distance. In map your route, you can easily map your route for walking or running.


You can also challenge others for fitness-related activities. Other than it, you can also compare the performance of your running, and cycling speed with others.

You can use this app as your personal trainer. You can also make customizable plans according to your fitness goals. This app is available for Android as well as iOS.

5. Women Workout: Home Gym & Cardio

This is one of the best exercise apps for women who want to lose weight while staying at home. It has 180+ exercise videos which are specially recorded for women. Quality of videos is also good. It is having the facility of setting the time for goal and weight loss.


You can skip the exercise if you find it unfit during the training. It has resistance, flexibility, and aerobic cardio-related exercises for weight loss. It also has other exercises like lungs and one leg lungs, jumping, jogging, re-run, windmill, leg swing, chest chair dips, etc.


It also has voice feedback facility during training. You can download this app from the Google Play Store. So, this is the most powerful fitness app for women and it is available for free.

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Final Words on Gym, Fitness and Workout Apps for Android

These Workout Apps will help you to improve your physical as well as mental health. So guys again have a look on the list and choose the app that best meets your needs. If you have found out any other workout apps useful for you other than those mentioned in the above list then please leave its name in the comment section. We will add that too in our list.

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