The Best Augmented Reality Apps 

The Future of Explorations: Great augmented reality apps

Augmented reality has quickly become a staple in the tech world. Something that was once limited to a few high-flying technology companies can now be found on your smartphone or tablet. 

Augmented reality is changing the gaming experience we have, how we view the world, how we live, and how we learn. Here are some of the best augmented reality apps you can download right now. 


Houzz is an interior design app that allows you to take photos of a space in your house, and then add furniture to see how it would look. Add in the fact that they have an e-commerce feature, and all your furniture needs are in one place. 

This feature allows you to not only see how different and new furniture fits into your lounge or bedroom, or whenever, but also allows you to then buy the piece that you like. Easy and simple home shopping. 

Google Lens

Google Lens has turned itself into a giant of the AR world. The concept is simple, point your camera at an object, sign or building, and the app will tell you everything you need to know about it. 

This is brilliant if you are out and about traveling. No matter where you are, you can use it to quickly identify a monument or sign, or if you just want to learn about your surroundings. 

Google Maps

Everyone is familiar with Google Maps, but the AR feature of Google Maps is in some ways much cleaner than the regular version. You are able to bring up the directions on your phone screen, layered on top of what your camera is looking at. 

This will allow for much easier navigation, especially in places where the map isn’t completely covered, which can really confuse you as a result. Some may see it as an unnecessary feature, but its success says otherwise. 

Mission to Mars

Going to Mars is something that we as a society have been speaking about for years, and now, you sort of can. Mission to Mars provides users with the chance to visit the red planet at home. 

The app also features many videos to watch, as well as a lot of information to read. On the augmented reality side, you can watch a rocket launch, try to complete a landing sequence, and visit Mars using the app’s AR portal. 

Wanna Kicks

A much more niche app, Wanna Kicks allows anyone to take a photo of their legs or feet, and see what a particular shoe would look like while wearing it. It’s a simple idea, but very useful for those that love shoes. 

This app can also come in handy if you are buying shoes from overseas and won’t be able to return them if you don’t like how they look, or if you need shoes for a particular outfit. It is very niche, but is still used by a lot of people. 

The Machines

A game that takes advantage of what is around you, The Machines puts you in control of an army of robots that must defeat your enemy. The AR aspect is quite unique, as what is on your tabletop or floor – or wherever you are playing – determines the landscape of the battle. 

You can add books to a wall, small boxes as obstacles, anything you want to make it more difficult for your opponent to kill you. It is easy to play, but highly addictive. 


Measure is an Android measuring app – and we will talk about the iOS equivalent next – but Measure allows you to do exactly what it says on the box: measure almost anything you want or need to measure. 

Point your camera at a table and select the two edges to find out how long or wide it is. Find out how tall a cupboard is, or how far it is from one side of your living room to the other. Again, very simple, and yet very useful. 


MeasureKit is the iOS version of Measure. However, it does offer a few more features if you get the paid version, such as being able to measure out a freeform box and place it in a space, allowing you see how big a particular side-table, lamp or desk would be in the space. 

Of course, it also offers everything Measure does as well; you can measure angles, lengths, widths, and the height of a doorway or a person. It is an all-in-one measuring tool for simple tasks around the house or office. 

Star Walk 2

Another AR app to allow you to explore space, Star Walk is simple: point your camera to the night sky, and the app will create custom rendered consultations and information about the stars you can see. 

Another great feature is the Time Machine option, which will allow you to see how the stars looked on a previous night compared to how they look today. The app is clean, informative and a lot of fun, considering you can use it quite literally anywhere and get a whole new set of information. 

Augmented reality is only growing in popularity, and these are only a few of the best AR apps you can download right now. The future is exciting for this technology, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store. 

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