7 Grocery Store Marketing Strategies

Grocery stores serve different food products, medicinal products, and household goods, among others. Also referred to as ‘supermarkets’, groceries need a proper marketing plan to fit in the world of eCommerce giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Costco. 

Every grocer must consider adopting marketing tactics to gain a competitive advantage over other retailers. Market strategies and marketing campaigns can come in to make your small business attract scores of new customers. Also, grocery store marketing can promote brand awareness, increase foot traffic to your store, and make new products accessible to your customers. 

Here are the top seven grocery store marketing strategies you need to know:

1. Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media is now part and parcel of your life. Therefore, these platforms are there to stay. As a grocer, you should take advantage of them to reach out to a wider spectrum of your old and new customers. This is attributed to the fact that most of your target audience is online, especially during this pandemic period. 

A huge number of these customers have smartphones to access information on various social media platforms. For that reason, post information about your grocery store, your goods or services, and special deals. 

Social media posts serve as constant reminders of your in-store offerings and are an ideal advertising strategy. Most importantly, social media marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way to attract potential customers to your small business. 

2. Go Local

Farmers’ markets are popping up almost everywhere. This new trend seems to push toward a sustainable, eco-friendly living environment everywhere, including in households. As a small business owner of a grocery store, you can as well join the movement by selling anything that fits well in your local parameter.

In this case, you can offer whole foods and local foods such as vegetables, fruits, fresh eggs, cheeses, and meats. You can also get local by offering free foods, free samples of other products, and loyalty cards (just in case you are running a loyalty program within your grocery store). Use the available social media to increase your grocery store marketing strategies within your locality. 

3. Offer Tastings

Tastings are not just the usual generic table set-up to offer free samples. They are rather a setup to make these offerings look more of an exciting event than a brief display of your products. 

Create an eye-catching set-up to attract many interested customers to your grocery store. Make sure to host these offer tastings at the same times a week to enable your customers to plan their shopping trips easily. 

4. Use Digital Signage

Traders increase their supermarket sales by using digital signage to advertise their goods. You can use this effective supermarket marketing strategy to create dynamic content to drive up sales in your grocery store. 

Use high-resolution screens to display your products and attract new customers to your business. Look for the best digital signage templates to help create attractive displays consisting of letters, numbers, and images that correspond with what you are selling in your grocery store.

5. Turn to Digital Coupons

Customers still love great deals, and you can use digital coupons to promote your grocery store. On that note, digitize your coupons to enable customers to find and retrieve them with just a simple finger swipe on their smartphones. 

A few digital coupons can make a big difference for your business. The coupons will definitely influence your customers to pick up their favorite groceries from your store while doing food shopping.

6. Create an Email List

Create a chance to engage with your current and new customers outside of your grocery store using an email list. This grocery marketing strategy is a huge win for your small business. So, you may accomplish this important marketing strategy using social media as discussed above. 

Most importantly, you can adopt a more intimate and engaging scale by building an email list to share information about your products with your customers. Through this grocery store marketing strategy, you can email out cooking tips, recipes, and weekly specials. You can also go the extra mile to highlight popular vendors and offer coupons to your customers using an email list.

7. Provide Delivery Services

In this time of the pandemic, you can introduce delivery services to attract and maintain your customers. Keep in mind that the pandemic has caused most people to do their shopping online. 

So, you and your team can decide on offering delivery of your groceries to entice your customers. All you may need is a shopping list from the customers and a dedicated team of delivery drivers to make everything work in your favor.

Final Thought

Grocery store marketing is an innovative strategy that every grocer needs today to stay in the competition. Strategies such as the use of social media, going local, adopting digital signage, introducing delivery services, and creating email lists can significantly help build your brand awareness while making your small business popular. 

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