What is Yourphone.exe? 5 Ways to See if it’s Safe

Yourphone.exe is the latest feature available in the Windows 10 operating system. With this feature, we are able to sync our windows system with the Android mobile or tablet that is using Android 7 or later. Without seeing the android mobile we are able to see the messages by using this feature.



Uses of Yourphone.exe

By using your phone app we are able to integrate our computer system having windows 10 operating system with android mobile. With your phone app, we can

  • We see the mobile features in our system.
  • See the latest pictures come to our mobile see in computer
  • Talk the mobile calls on our computer
  • Hear the music from our mobile
  • Able to get the screen mirroring

Your phone app contains one main process named yourphone.exe in the windows 10 operating system. The location of this file where it is in the system is c:\programfiles\microsoft.yourphone_1.20051.89.0_x64_8wekyb3d8bbwe. Once we open your phone app we see yourphone.exe in the task manager background process list.

Windows 10 operating system automatically contains your phone app. Sometimes somebody unknowingly deletes this file. At that time you need to install the application. Below are the process to install your phone app

You can get your phone app from the Microsoft store. To install the application follow the below steps:

  • Open the Microsoft store in our browser
  • Find your phone in the Microsoft store
  • Once you find your phone app you press on getting. Then your phone application is installed in your system
  • After installation is completed, you see your phone app in your start menu. You click on your phone app to open the application.

Disable the yourphone.exe in the Background Processes

  • Press on the Start menu
  • Enter Background apps, now you press on open
  • You find your phone and uncheck your phone. This will disable your phone app.
  • These changes will be reflected once we need to logout and again log in to the system.

Check if yourphone.exe is safe or not?

There are 5 ways to check if the yourphone.exe is safe or not. Below are the 5 ways:

  •  See who signed the yourphone.exe (check the publisher)
  • Scan yourphone.exe with Windows Security.
  • Check the network activity of yourphone.exe.
  • Analyze yourphone.exe with VirusTotal.
  • Run it in Windows Sandbox.

1. How to check the .exe file with Windows Defender

Now all the versions of the Windows operating systems contain Windows Security previously this is also called Microsoft Defender. Windows Security comes with the built-in simple option to scan particular .exe files. Which file you want to check right click on that file and select “scan with Microsoft Defender”.

Whenever you find the .exe file which you need to scan in the task manager and you aren’t aware of where the file is, then you right-click and select “open file location”. After the file will be highlighted. Again you right-click and select scan. If it is shown as safe, then that file is safe for your computer.

2. Analyze the file with VirusTotal

Open the VirusTotal.com site and upload the .exe file to the site.VirusTotal site is working like a file analysis service, that will check the file with 25 different antimalware machines. Users of the VirusTotal site check the file and post comments on that file. To see the comments on what the users told about the file.

3. Does the .exe have a publisher?

Right-click the file and see the file properties to find a file that contains any publisher. If any file is authorized by Microsoft or any major company then those files almost safe. Check below in the file properties see “Digital Signature” to check the signature.

4. Check it in Windows Sandbox

We all aware of all the new versions of windows 10 operating are providing to run applications safely in a protected environment in our system. Find the Windows sandbox in the windows searches to run the file. Copy that file and paste it into the Windows sandbox.

5. Monitor the files Network Activity for Strange Behavior

You find any file that is running the .exe file in the system, we suspect that, and it is very important to check what host the .exe has and also find the kinds of traffic the file is sent and receive.

Look at the task manager you see the yourphone.exe then you are using the Windows 10 operating system and you have your phone application that is working in the background.

Whenever you sit in front of any system that contains a Windows operating system several system processes help us. These processes support us to boot our system, provide a GUI ( Graphical User Interface) for every user who wishes to enter into the windows operating system. These processes are also useful whenever we need to connect with the internet, use any browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.

Windows contain several system process and applications, but we don’t know the most of the processes.Yourphone.exe is also one of the system processes we don’t know. System process like svchost.exe yourphone.exe is also one of the system process introduced in the windows 10 operating system.

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