7 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 For Business

Every business involves documentation, no matter what its purpose is. Whether it’s dealing with spreadsheets, contracts, presentations, or collaborative work, businesses need a system that is optimized for speed and efficiency. Considering today’s fast-paced industry, Using Microsoft 365 For Business is a perfect tool for managing paperwork in any business. Its combination of features like auto-correct, customizability, robust keyboard shortcuts, and more, makes this software suite a preferred choice for many companies. Although an Office subscription may cost you a little money, nothing beats its efficiency when it comes to completing projects. 

The following are a few reasons why Office 365 can help your business grow.

1. Cloud-Based Software is Easier to Manage

After the pandemic, many businesses have shifted to remote or hybrid operations. Through the use of a cloud-based work suite, the company can provide employees with the tools they need. Any device with an internet connection can access Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allowing employees to access, write and edit documents remotely. Moreover, the auto save feature ensures that each version of the document is stored in the cloud as soon as it is created, so you don’t lose any valuable information.

The Microsoft 365 mobile app allows users to make changes directly from their phones. In case a team member needs to make a small change or approve a document quickly, they can do so without starting their computers. It will increase productivity throughout your office.

2. Robust Security Features

Many of the documents that a business deals with, such as accounting spreadsheets, contracts, and client information, must be kept secure. However, despite misconceptions about cloud storage, Microsoft 365 is more secure than other cloud storage options and more cost-effective.

  • Users can set up two-factor authentication for their accounts. Using the software’s data loss protection protocols, they can determine whether sensitive information has been compromised.
  • Microsoft’s threat analytics software identifies emails with malicious links and encrypts them to prevent third parties from viewing them.
  • If an employee’s device gets stolen, the company’s IT department can remotely wipe data using the device management features.
  • When you don’t have a local backup or when the local backup is compromised, recovery protocols can prevent data loss.

The benefits of these services allow you to rely on Microsoft’s servers without spending money to set up your own. Additionally, it allows your IT team to focus on other clients and issues. In a world where time is money, such optimizations can help increase your company’s profit and efficiency.

3. Users Can Collaborate Smoothly

Using cloud services also allows multiple users to access and edit the same document simultaneously. All team members can view and make changes in real-time, even if they are in different locations or on different computers at the same site. 365’s co-authoring feature works across all software apps and allows the document’s original author to track which team members have made changes.

Furthermore, communication apps like Outlook or Skype used by the teams can enhance the collaborative capabilities of the software. Microsoft 365 tools can make the workflow faster and smoother. Whether you want to talk or video chat with someone while you are working on a document, share your screen, or send the file to the correct departments right away.

4. Scalable Subscription Models

Consumers might lament that many services have shifted to a subscription model, but this is an advantage for businesses. Licensed software from Microsoft is user-based, meaning you will only have to pay for what your company needs. When someone leaves the company, you simply cancel their subscription so they won’t have access to the data. As a result, you can upscale and downsize your business in a cost-effective manner. Also, you won’t have to make any substantial changes to the system when staff members join or leave.

5. Access to Business Analytics

With Microsoft 365 for businesses, you can discover valuable insights into the usage patterns of your employees or customer-generated data. Microsoft presents this information in easy-to-read analytics, so businesses can make informed decisions about reducing inefficiencies and improving workflow. Microsoft’s AI largely handles the data on its own servers rather than on yours, which means your organization’s data infrastructure will not be affected.

6. AI Help in Presentations

AI is not only beneficial for gathering information but can also be a viable way to present it. Whether you’re presenting to a potential client, internal team members, or a board of directors, the visual elements can assist in persuading your audience. The AI engine inside the Microsoft apps lets you easily find images and create graphics without searching the internet or spending hours creating them. It is the fastest way to make sure every presentation looks professional and polished.

7. Automatic Overnight Upgrades

Microsoft must ensure that it stays ahead of its competitors since its clients have a number of alternatives to choose from. As a result, it introduces new features and provides users with more benefits through regular updates. Over the years, the software has added more keyboard shortcuts, the ability to customize the ribbon bar in its apps, and more. 

Another great feature is that updates are downloaded and installed automatically. Usually, these updates take place overnight, so your workday is not disrupted. If you are paying for a subscription, you will not have to worry about additional costs to access these features. Updating your Office 365 license is included in the subscription, which eliminates the expense of buying new software.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft 365 is a great tool for companies to manage their businesses. It provides a wide range of features across multiple platforms that help your company achieve its intended goal most efficiently. Microsoft 365 is ideal for entry-level employees that need to write web copy. Accounting teams manage operational costs and profits, while the general managers work on several documents and oversee a variety of projects. The primary advantage of this tool is its ability to help you work smarter, not harder.

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