9 Inspiring SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021

SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021
SMS Marketing Statistics
SMS Marketing Statistics

Every year more and more customers use mobile devices.Therefore, marketers choose appropriate advertising strategies that attract users and increase interest in a particular brand. You can contact BSG to find the right campaign to develop your brand and break your echo chamber.

SMS marketing is a crucial factor in building relationships with potential customers. Below you will see the global text messaging stats, which allows you to assess the scale of effectiveness of advertising mailings.

SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021

*Stat #1

At least 65% of the population of our globe uses text messages to communicate. In North America, it is 80% of the total population, the figure in Russia is slightly higher – 89%. The largest number of users sending notifications to communicate with their loved ones is recorded in India and China.

*Stat #2

About 3.3 billion people access the Internet using a mobile device. By 2025, this figure will be about 72.6% of customers who will abandon other gadgets in favor of a smartphone to view information sites.

*Stat #3

Text messaging stats say that the number of messages sent and received will not decrease. The trend towards online communication via SMS is increasing every year. Mobile gadgets have become very popular, so users prefer smartphones and messengers for communication.

*Stat #4

Messages received on a mobile device are opened with a 98% probability, and about 45% of users bother answering.

*Stat #5

More than half of marketers have not yet started implementing SMS marketing in their ad campaigns. You can stay ahead of the competition by starting bulk emails today.

*Stat #6

Companies that are just planning to send out bulk notifications expect a significant increase in profits next year. Such methods belong to mind-blowing SMS marketing, which will definitely pay off in a short time.

*Stat #7

A third of e-commerce marketers want to use mobile loyalty programs. As a result, customers will be able to make purchases using a special code already this year.

*Stat #8

About 80% of users admitted that the only thing they need a phone for is messages. They correspond with their loved ones and carefully study the mailings they subscribe to in order to stay up to date with information about their favorite brands and make purchases.

*Stat #9

Many brands send voice messages to communicate with their customers. At the same time, about 30% of consumers don’t even listen to such notifications. If your clients expect to receive test SMS online, then you need to use methods that will help convey information to your users. The most proven method is classic text messages with a flashy call to action.

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