What are the reasons to outsource web development?

Nowadays modern customers are ready to hand over, and contractors are ready to take over almost all business processes. IT outsourcing is especially popular. This is primarily due to economic reasons. Modern software Outsource Web Development cuts companies’ costs by 30-60%. It’s not because of its low cost, but due to the ability to optimize costs and increase business flexibility with web design outsourcing services.

outsource web development
outsource web development

Processes worth outsourcing:

  1. Implementation of a long-term project. Short-term developments are usually not outsourced. But they are implemented using a Fixed Price pricing model. Long-term projects, for example, the implementation of SAP or another ERP system, are best outsourced to a specialized IT company. An external provider will do everything faster. And its services will be cheaper than expanding the state, which involves large additional expenses.
  2. Non-core function. Transferring the main function is very risky for the business, you can become a hostage of the outsourcing company. But auxiliary operations are ideal 
  3. for attracting specialists from outside.
  4. The final section of a business process or an entire business process. If a company plans to outsource software development, you need to understand that not only IT specialists are involved in the process, but also the project manager, analyst, and tester. To ensure adequate and effective cooperation, these roles must be implemented either on the side of the customer or on the side of the outsourcing company. It will not work to snatch the development out of the “context” if know, how to create a mockup website.

Outsourcing is a mutually beneficial cooperation

outsource web development
outsource web development

When outsourcing a process, it is important that the parties trust each other and have a dialogue “in the same language”. Misunderstandings complicate communication. You should not outsource management decisions to an outsourcing company, but you can do routine operations. And one more nuance: it is important to be able to return the “alienated” processes at any time so as not to depend on outside specialists.

The pros and cons of outsourcing

The most powerful argument, especially in our time, is a significant reduction in IT costs. And also it’s their acquisition of complete transparency. And this issue turns out to be, by the way, directly related to the issue of control. In fact, when maintaining an internal IT service, the manager has not real. But it’s rather illusory control over both costs and the actions of his staff members. In fact, information technology requires certain special knowledge that the owners and top managers of the enterprise do not have. As a result, if desired, an unscrupulous employee can significantly overestimate costs. Both through malice and due to incorrect actions committed due to insufficient qualifications.

Comprehensive consideration of the pros and cons of outsourcing

This situation is completely excluded in the case of an outsourcing company. It is financially and legally responsible for all actions of its employees. In specialized firms, IT specialists of a high level of qualification work. Their services are usually inaccessible to not only small but even medium-sized businesses due to their high salaries. Therefore, the risks of errors in service are practically reduced to zero. Malicious intent is also excluded. The employee does not enter into direct labor relations with the customer, having them with the outsourcing company.

And here we come just to the topic of information security. However, it is worth noting that worthy outsourcing companies pay increased attention to this issue. Moreover, many of them specialize in it. This means that the client has an additional opportunity to strengthen the protection of their data. In addition, let us once again recall the responsibility that the service provider bears for violation of the contract and SLA. Therefore, it is extremely unprofitable for him to risk his reputation and divulge the client’s information.

And back to the topic of cost reduction. By optimizing them, as well as by optimizing the functioning of the enterprise information system as a whole. 

For example, you can agree on support times – 24/7 or during business hours, the number of scheduled and prepaid emergency calls, and more. An additional plus for the customer will be that in the event of a serious technical failure. If the employees allocated to him cannot solve the problem on their own, other IT specialists will come to their aid, and nothing will have to be paid for this. As well as for replacing an employee who went on vacation or sick: the outsourcer will immediately select another one with the same skill level.

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