Home Inverters: Price, Warranty, Models and More

For the present generation, devices and Home Inverters have become part of their day-to-day activities. These devices are making lives easier and more convenient. People depend on appliances like mobile phones, kitchen tools, Wi-Fi, etc., for most tasks and chores. These electrically powered devices can now be termed as necessities. Since the dependency on these devices has grown so much, avoiding power cuts is crucial for people to continue their usual household task.

The only way to get an uninterrupted power supply at home is through a power backup system like an inverter. Inverters are high-intensity machines that have the capability to handle the load of multiple appliances even during power cuts. Inverters are available in different types and capacities depending on the customer’s personal preference. Home inverter price, warranty, models, etc., vary from brand to brand. So, let’s compare some models and prices of inverters that are available in the market. 

1. Regalia 1550

Home Inverters

This is a high-power inverter by the brand Luminous under the Regalia series. It is a sine wave technology home UPS system with an inbuilt Li-Ion battery. It is India’s first wall-mounted power backup system. The Regalia 1550 is a smart inverter with built in Wi-Fi and touch screen features to enhance the customer experience. The home inverter price is slightly on the higher end but worth it due to its unbeatable features. 


  • Price: ₹99,999.00
  • Warranty: 24 Months for electronics and machine; 60 Months for Li-Ion battery
  • Capacity/Rating: 1500 VA
  • Rated Power: 900 W

2. Regalia F6410

Home Inverters

The Regalia F6410 inverter is equipped with an integrated Li-Ion battery. It has a mobile app that helps customers track the charging time, speed, back time, and more. It also has inbuilt Wi-Fi to make it easier to use. Its Li-Ion battery technology helps the inverter charge 3x faster and has a long-life cycle with no additional maintenance. The home inverter price is higher in comparison to others. It has a powerful system that is suitable for larger areas.


  • Price: ₹239,990.00
  • Warranty: 24 Months for electronics and machine; 60 Months for Li-Ion battery
  • Capacity/Rating- 6.4 KVA
  • Rated Power: 4200 W

3. Eco Volt Neo 950

This inverter uses pure sine wave technology.It provides its users with a fast battery charging rate with low input voltage. It is a single battery inverter that supports all battery types: tubular, flat plate, SMF, and local. It works on a technology that produces noiseless operations. The home inverter price is extremely reasonable and pocket friendly. 


  • Price: ₹8,590.00
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Capacity/Rating- 800VA
  • Rated Power: 672W

4. Home UPS Zelio Wifi 1100

It is a sine wave technology inverter that can hold a single battery of almost any type. Moreover, it is a smart inverter due to the connectivity with Wi-Fi and a mobile application to make it more user friendly. It also has an LED screen display for more efficient readings. The home inverter price is reasonable given the numerous modern features. 


  • Price: ₹8,299.00
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Capacity/Rating- 900VA
  • Rated Power: 756W

By comparing various models of inverters, it is safe to now say that you have the basic information about home inverter prices, brands and more. So, without any delay, head to the Luminous website and find the right home inverter.

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